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Expanding Opportunities with 5-Axis Capabilities

Pep Manufacturing has been machining high quality tooling, hydraulic, aerospace, and railroad parts since 1997. With a mix of turning machines and vertical mills, Pep Manufacturing wanted to expand their capabilities to stand out from the competition. After analyzing their current machines, VP of Production and CNC programming, Joe Pepka Sr. decided 5-axis machining would be their ticket to success.

“We wanted to take the company in a new direction and offer capabilities that the competition just couldn’t match. I thought a 5-axis machine was the way to achieve that goal.” – Joe Pepka, Pep Manufacturing

With the implementation of the Doosan Machine Tools DVF 5000, Pep Manufacturing achieved increased production, expanded their part portfolio, and found new business opportunities.

MAKE MORE Parts with 5-Axis

Pepka was familiar with Doosan’s quality machines utilizing the Lynx 2100LB and 2100LYB since 2017 and 2019. Making the choice to continue with acquiring another Doosan 5-axis was easy. Pepka had a long history working with Ellison Technologies and reached out to discover his options for a new machine. After consulting with Ellison Sales Manager, Nick Sowards, Pepka decided to purchase the DVF 5000 simultaneous five axis machining center with 60-tool magazine and 18,000 rpm spindle.

Shortly after installation, the DVF 5000 opened new opportunities for Pep Manufacturing. With the help of GibbsCAM, Pepka was able to import models of 5-axis parts to extract geometries and define tool paths, allowing them to easily begin machining complex parts.

“Now we can handle the complex work we have always wanted to machine,” Pepka said. “The sky’s the limit with the DVF 5000.” – Joe Pepka, Pep Manufacturing

The DVF 5000 allows Pep Manufacturing to reduce setups and cycle times, and quote parts based on 5-axis machining rather than multiple setups on 3 and 4 axis machines. Additionally, the DVF’s contouring capabilities has allowed them to pursue bids for mold parts.

By expanding their capabilities, Pep Manufacturing was able to assist a firearms component manufacturer by taking on a portion of their production. The DVF was able to complete a pistol slide in two operations which initially required multiple setups on several machines. Thanks for the increased productivity of the DVF, Pep Manufacturing went from producing 40 pistol slides to 100 while also taking on prototype work as well.

The Ellison Experience

Pepka has worked with the Ellison team for over 30 years. Ellison Technologies worked with Pep Manufacturing from consultation and acquisition, to installation and service. Every step of the way, the Ellison Team strives to ensure the best quality service to keep Pep’s machines running at optimal performance.

“As for service, they are top notch, you couldn’t ask for a better service group. I have no need to shop around because I am very happy with the relationship I have. They’re more like family than business partners,” – Joe Pepka, Pep Manufacturing

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