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Laser Marking

The increasing demand for product tracking, genealogy, repeatability and manufacturer accountability has made direct part marking a competitive necessity.  Direct Part Marking is now THE STANDARD for the Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Defense and Aerospace Industries. 

Laser marking offers superior quality and flexibility over other marking methods.  Minimal material stress, mark durability and low consumable costs make the laser the preferred choice for permanent part marking.

With the tightest specs in the industry for precision, accuracy and mark repeatability, TRUMPF is the leader in laser marking technology.
Compact and efficient, the TruMark Series 3000 offers incredible range for what you need out of a high-quality marking laser. Don’t allow the sleek design to fool you; these lasers pack a punch with their integrated software controlled focal point adjustment, pilot laser and mechanical shutter.
Characterized as the ideal combination of high-power, high-repetition, the fiber laser delivered TruMark Series 5000 has been designed for tough applications with higher power requirements and short cycle times.
Through high performance the TruMark Series 6000 provides high-power and outstanding beam quality to provide you with a superb laser light with unique intelligence. Offering a variety of models with relevant wavelengths, the TruMark Series 6000 ensures that you will find a laser machine to fit your ideal tasks.
High-quality and standard performance, every TRUMPF workstation meets class 1 laser safety protection requirements in addition to prevalent international regulations. In coordinance to safety, TRUMPF lasers are comparable to commercial DVD players.