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Laser Marking

Laser technology for engraving, ablation, tempering, and marking digits, text, codes, logos, and designs onto your finished parts.

Whether you need to finish your part with a label, barcode, QR code, matrix, logo, design, or engraving, Laser Marking technology offers you a solution that can be a standalone workstation, or seamlessly built into your production line. From single to bulk production, we have a range of laser marking solutions that will fit your needs.


With the tightest specs in the industry for precision, accuracy, and mark repeatability, TRUMPF is the leader in laser technology. TRUMPF offers a large selection of marking lasers, laser marking workstations, and additive production systems.

One-Box Laser

All-in-one package for easy installation and minimal space requirements.

TruMark Series 3000

Versatile IR, UV, and green marking laser with easy integration.

TruMark Series 5000

High power, high frequency, and adjustable pulse fiber based laser.

TruMark Series 6000

Short process times, outstanding marking precision, high peak pulse power, and pulse-to-pulse stability.

TruMark Series 6030

Next generation, modern, and easy to integrate image processing solution.

TruMark Station

Workstation solution with flexible TRUMPF marking laser compatibility.

TruMicro Mark 2000 Series

All-around, turnkey, ultrashort pulse laser for no-heat black marking.