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Die-Sinking EDM

Ideal for the mold and die industry, Die-Sinking EDM offers an effective solution for creating deep ribs, grooves, and ridges into a wide range of metals. Die-Sinking EDM utilizes sparks discharged between two electrodes to melt and dissolve metal to create deep and complex shapes. We offer solutions built for small to large parts, as well as double head die-sinking EDM's for increased productivity and efficiency. 



As the oldest EDM machine manufacturer in the world, ONA has pioneered EDM technology for over 65 years. With over 15,000 machines installed worldwide, ONA delivers quality Wire-Cut and Die-Sinking EDM in compact and modular configurations fitting a wide range of applications. Additionally, ONA offers customized EDM solutions to fit customer-specific needs. 

Compact NX Series

High production compact Die-Sinking EDM

Compact QX Series

Compact, economical, Die-Sinking EDM built for precision and reliability

Double Head TQX Series

Double Production with Double Heads

Modular QX Series

Reliable and flexible Die-Sinking EDM for medium to large parts.