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For jobs that require machining complex shapes, extremely hard materials, small workpieces and require very close tolerances and good surface finishes; Electric Discharge Machines (EDM) are the ideal solution to meet your needs. Perfect for the mold and tool making industries, we offer EDM’s with options for die sinking, wire cut, and hole drilling.

Die-Sinking EDM's

Ideal for the mold and die industry, Die-Sinking EDM offers an effective solution for creating deep ribs, grooves, and ridges into a wide range of metals. Die-Sinking EDM utilizes sparks discharged between two electrodes to melt and dissolve metal to create deep and complex shapes. We offer solutions built for small to large parts, as well as double head die-sinking EDM's for increased productivity and efficiency.

Wire EDM's

When you need to machine metal parts with complex and highly detailed surfaces, Wire-Cut EDM is the ideal solution for you. Utilizing durable and fine wires, sparks are discharged through the wire to cut into material with extreme precision and accuracy. We offer a selection of Wire-Cuit EDM's built for productivity and reliability to fit a wide range of applications.