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Swiss Style Turning

Swiss style lathes are a great solution for machining parts with large length to diameter ratios. Our product offering includes machines in a variety of sizes and different tool configurations which are well suited for mass production of small-sized & complex parts.

Citizen is the world's leader of Swiss-style lathes. They are fast to set, quick to changeover and easy to use.

A Series

The A-series offers entry-level Swiss–style turning centers with 12mm – 25mm bar stock capacity

K Series

The K-Series Swiss turning centers have a 15,000 RPM spindle, 16 mm capacity, and the back spindle is on a slide, which delivers very fast processing speeds and ease of use.

L Series

The Swiss-style turning centers in the L-series have 12mm – 38 mm bar stock and 40 tool capacity

M Series

The M-Series is comprised of multi-function swiss-style machines that feature both a turret and a slide

Hanwha is known as the heavyweight in the Swiss-type lathe market, excelling in precision, process capability and reliability with added emphasis on affordability. When you evaluate the casting design and weight, the guide bushing housings and heavy stout spindle nose, the spindle and live tool horsepower, you will see why Hanwha Swiss-type lathes hold up to the toughest materials and demanding production applications. Ellison is the exclusive distributor for GF Machining Solutions products in ONLY the following states: IL, IN, OH, KY, MO & NE

XD Series

The XD Series of Swiss-style turning centers from Hanwha feature specialized tooling capability with B and Y-axis for small precision parts.

XE Series

The XE series is the new generation of best-selling Hanwha Swiss-style turning centers. The products in this series provide stable machining, high productivity at a great value.

XP Series

The XP Series has the ideal Swiss-style products for cost-effective machining of simple parts. The machines in this series benefit from optimized structure for effective space utilization.

Star CNC offers a broad range of Swiss-type Automatic Lathes ideal for the production of small, complex and precise metal components. Customers benefit from fast job processing, high process reliability, simple and logical operation, energy-efficiency and low non-productive time.
Tsugami swiss-style automatic lathes and machining centers are known world-wide for their precision, accuracy, and outstanding reliability.

Tsugami's B-axis line comes equipped with live tools for more defined and accurate parts all in one setup.

Tsugami's Gang / Turret line takes flexible machining to the next level. These machines are best used for complex workpieces that require flexible tool options.

Fine, flexible and fast are three words that describe the FMA3 and FMA5 machining centers by Tsugami. Both models come equipped with the “free-chip-flow” structure to solve the difficult issues of chip disposal in unattended machine operation.

The Independent Gang Slide Series offers three-path FANUC controls for the simultaneous use of the main and sub spindle. The result is faster cycle times with unparalleled quality.

Tsugami’s high-performance CNC precision turning and machining centers are sure to blow you away.

The Opposed Gang Tool Series features Swiss-Style machines with enhanced capabilities, including tapping, drilling, thread whirling and more. These machines allow for secondary operations and deliver high-quality precision.