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Ellison Technologies is a provider of advanced machining solutions to North American metal-cutting manufacturers and their global affiliates.

As a family of companies we are committed to the survival and growth of the American manufacturing industry.  Independent offices provide us a local market focus and the flexibility to advocate the needs of each of our valued customers.

Our priority is to introduce technologies that strengthen our customers’ ability to compete in the markets they serve.  Whether the solution involves a stand alone machine, multi-process equipment, or an integrated manufacturing system with robotic automation, our goal remains the same; to optimize throughput and quality at the lowest per-part manufacturing cost.  

Our team of engineers, equipment and automation specialists, and project management professionals, are dedicated to helping manufacturers get the most from their technology investments.  Service and parts engineers provide post-installation support aimed at optimizing machine availability, productivity, and cost of ownership.

The Ellison Way

We strive to make every customer world-competitive. Whether our customer competes globally or not, Ellison Technologies brings its full mastery of advanced manufacturing technology to provide the most comprehensive and productive solutions the industry has to offer.

Collaboration You Can Count On
Whenever you add a new technology, there’s bound to be a learning curve. At Ellison Technologies, we act as an extension of your operation as you get up to speed. If you have any questions – whether before, during or after the machine install – we're here to help you identify the best way to do things.

Expertise You Won't Find Elsewhere
There are Ellison branches all over the United States, and all of our employees bring experience (and a willingness to share it) that's simply unmatched. No matter how new your machining adventure is to you, we've seen it, and we've solved for it already. It's a welcome dose of peace of mind as your journey begins.

A Competitive Advantage That Lasts
Our mission is clear: at Ellison, we equip American manufacturers to compete and win, both locally and globally. If you can't shake the feeling that there's a better way to do things, we are ready to help you increase quality and efficiency, win more work and increase your reputation.