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We have the technology you need to

From lathes and machining centers to laser manufacturing and metrology, we carry a large portfolio of high performing, reliable, and innovative CNC machining solutions to meet your production requirements.

Through our partnerships with several builders, we offer: 

Machining Centers

Any part, any complexity, any size. Whether you need 3, 4, or 5 axis, horizontal or vertical, boring, milling, or moving column machining, we got it. From medical to aerospace industries, we have a diverse line-up of machines to meet your needs including:

Turning Centers/Lathes

If you’re in the business of machining cylindrical parts, shave away metal and the competition at the same time with fast, highly productive turning centers. With a large variety of spindle speeds, power, torque, and chuck sizes, we have a turning solution to meet your needs. We carry a diverse line-up of turning centers including: 

Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

For the jobs that require a fraction of a µm level accuracy on conductive materials of any hardness like steel and titanium, Electric Discharge Machines are the ideal solution to meet your needs. Perfect for the mold and tool making industries, we offer EDM’s with options for die sinking, wire cut, and hole drilling. 

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Improve your productivity with the latest in automation technology. Whether you want to improve production times or implement unattending manufacturing, we have automation solutions for part set-up, production set-up, lean cell/production movement, factory automation, cobots, and robotics. 

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Grinding Machines

Perfect for machining parts requiring superior surface finish quality, grinding and eroding machines are the ideal solution for creating complex parts from the hardest materials. 

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Band & Circular Saws

For all of your sawing needs, we offer a wide selection of band and circular cold saws to meet any level of production. 

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Laser Manufacturing

Whether its laser texturing, micromachining, or additive manufacturing, we carry a diverse line-up of laser based technologies. 

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Productivity and quality go hand-in-hand with precision and accuracy. Integrate metrology into your production and take comfort in knowing your parts are accurate and consistent every time.  From Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to probes, we have a metrology solution to fit every situation. 

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