Preventative Maintenance

Ellison Technologies service team has hundreds of years of combined machine tool service experience. We put this to work in a variety of maintenance and inspection programs that keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Do you know how much unexpected downtime is costing you?

Here is an example:

Average Shop Rate for 2 full weeks [1] = $ 11, 400
Labor Costs [2] = $   2, 240
Total = $ 13, 640

In addition to the above costs, you must somehow deal with angry customers, the parts you can’t make, the operators you’re paying to ramble around the shop, and the actual repair costs and delays.

But the most important question is, what’s your lost business going to cost you?


Get the benefits of PM!

  • Minimize unexpected down time
  • Reduce scrap due to machine error
  • Improve overall machine performance and reliability
  • Increase equipment resale value
  • Adhere to ISO certification requirements

What does our Preventive Maintenance Program entail?

Our Service Engineers can design a PM program tailored to your specific machining solution and production environment, and offer three levels of intensity: Basic PM, Basic PM with Geometry Check, and a Complete Machine Evaluation.

Here’s what it includes:

We make it easy as 1 - 2 - 3
1) Evaluation

In depth evaluation of machine in current state:
• Condition of level (pre & post)
• Back lash report (pre & post)
• Ball bar analysis (optional)

Inspection & Analysis of major components:
• Machine geometry        • Main spindle
• Electrical components  • Ball screw
• Lubrication system       • Tool changer
• Ways & wipers              • Pallet changer
• Axis check                    • Chip conveyor
• Spindle oil cooler          • Coolant system
• Hydraulic system

You will receive a detailed report containing the results of the evaluation

2) Recommendations

Summary of recommended procedures to return your machine to its best operating standards

Includes: Estimated labor hours & parts list per procedure with price and delivery information

Review of recommended: weekly, quarterly & annual

Maintenance Procedures with your on-site maintenance staff

3) Repairs

Upon parts delivery, schedule Ellison Technologies to perform the recommended repairs. (standard hourly rates apply)

Laser axis calibration

We can service and calibrate most machine tool models. Laser measurement systems assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic performance of your machine.

Engineers will work with company personnel to develop an appropriate schedule for periodic maintenance of each machine. Mean-time-to-failure statistics support recommendations for stocking critical spare parts, as well as consumable and high wear parts to be replaced. Diagnostics such as ball bar testing are used to identify performance trends predictive of down time or process quality concerns.

Plus, get all the benefits of a PM routine, without so much of the cost. Keeping an on-staff PM engineer can cost $60,000 - $90,000+ per year and, chances are, they won’t keep busy that whole year. Get experienced engineering knowledge ONLY when you need it and pay only a fraction of the cost.


So much depends on your machine tools: ensure their strength

These programs are designed to maximize the amount of time equipment is available for processing parts, and to ensure that machines continuously operate at capability specifications for accuracy and repeatability.

Your business depends on your machines for quality parts and manufacturing success. Take care of those machines and ensure years of profit-making with preventive maintenance.

Contact us today to talk to a preventive maintenance professional!

[1] Average shop rate of between $85-$200 per hour for (2) 40 hour work weeks. Costs could be lower or higher, depending on individual manufacturing process.

[2] Average hourly rate of $28.00, for a single machinist for (2) 40 hour work weeks.