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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Whether you're a local job shop or a global manufacturing powerhouse, Ellison Technologies is dedicated to serving your machine tool requirements. Explore real-world stories from our diverse customer base and learn how they're leveraging their CNC machines to optimize production and MAKE MORE. Join them in unlocking the full potential of advanced manufacturing.


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Engineered Machining Solutions

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CJ's Machining, Inc.

CJ's Machining Inc. is a family-owned business that started in 1997 and received the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard Certification. Today their 16,000 ft. facility is equipped with the latest CNC technology including Doosan Machine Tools and Doosan Robotics Cobots.

CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing achieves high productivity machining to MAKE MORE small precision parts for aerospace, medical, electronics, hunting, and fishing with the reliability and efficiency of the Doosan PUMA TT1800SY and Doosan Lynx 220LMS.

Darmark Corporation

With their new Doosan DVF 5000 simultaneous five-axis machining center and Doosan Robotics cobot, Darmark Corporation discusses increased productivity, performance and reliability, and the service and support from Ellison Technologies.

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Engineered Machining Solutions

Engineered Machining Solutions (EMS) utilizes their fleet of DN Solutions (Doosan) machining and turning centers to take on any challenge with machining aerospace parts. With over 21 DN machines on their floor, EMS is able to take on prototype, short-run, high-tolerance, and high-complexity parts.

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Fastenal Manufacturings

What do you get when you utilize 48 Doosan machines? The unparalleled versatility that Fastenal Manufacturing, the largest industrial distributor in North America, offers to their customers every day.

Fastenal Trains Operators on Doosan Machines

Fastenal Manufacturing understands that talented operators who can do it all don’t just walk in off the street. They’ve teamed up with Minnesota State College Southeast to offer their machinists the opportunity to get hands-on experience in-shop while pursuing a degree that rounds out their knowledge and skills. Oh, and the machines they’re learning on in school? All Doosan machines donated by Fastenal.

Forward Technologies

Forward Technologies, Inc (Cincinnati, Ohio) has grown their staff from just 5 employees to 42, machines part for multiple industries and has a shop full of versatile Doosan machines. Yeah, they’re doing everything right.

HMS: Doosan Aerospace Case Study

Turkey based, HMS achieves global success manufacturing aircraft parts for Boeing, Airbus, and bombardier. HMS’ fleet of machines include 5-axis, double column, horizontal and vertical machining centers, and turning centers.

Midwest Turned Products

Ever wish you could show up to work in the morning and find a lot of it done already? Then take a note from Midwest Turned Products. Their 8 Doosan machines allow their shop to work through the night, even with no employees present.


With over 85 CNC machines in their shop, Precisionmatics finds productivity and success with their wide range of Doosan Machine Tools machining aerospace, firearms, medical, airplane and helicopter components.

Renegade Wheels Made on Doosan DNM

Renegade Wheels, a Southern California custom wheel manufacturer that is using the technology of a Doosan DNM 750 II vertical machining center to produce their wheels faster and better than ever before. These wheels are made in America with the highest quality and precision for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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S & S Manufacturing

S & S Manufacturing continues to grow their business machining titanium aerospace parts with high tolerance and complexity.

Straitline Components

See how the Doosan Puma MX 2100 utilizes its high precision cutting capacity to increase productivity for a Bicycle manufacturer. This high-tech machine features an 8" chuck and can handle workpieces up to 39 inches in length. Same-size integral motors on the left and right spindles realize excellent flexibility and performance.

Zermatt Tool

Zermatt Tool achieves performance and productivity with the reliability of 13 Doosan Machine Tools. Zermatt utilizes their machining and turning centers to machine aerospace, bioscience, firearms, and food industry components.