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Good Bye Machine Downtime, Hello DN (Doosan)


Engineered Machining Solutions (EMS), founded by Balazs Ormai and David Szabo, was built on the vision of producing complex, high quality, CNC machined products for the aerospace and space industry. They were driven by a propensity to manufacture tight tolerance products of the highest caliber in a quick turn environment.

Ellison Technologies is proud to partner with EMS, equipping their entire shop with new and more powerful CNC machining centers with DN Solutions (Doosan) Machine Tools.


EMS was growing fast in a very short amount of time with new projects from their customers for high variety, highly complex parts. Looking at their existing machines they uncovered several challenges that were going to prevent them from meeting the demands; which included:

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Lack of engineering support and machine service
  • Inconsistent quality and part accuracy
  • Unable to reach desired tolerances

We decided to look for something else that was affordable, accurate, fast, and of course with good customer support.” – Balazs Ormai, President, Engineered Machining Solutions


The Ellison team worked closely with EMS to assess their goals. Understanding EMS’ needs to maintain high quality finishes, accuracy, critical tolerances, and fast turnaround time; the Ellison team’s assessment showed that they needed:

  • More reliable CNC machines to reduce machine downtime
  • A machine tool partner to support and service their machines
  • Machining centers with higher tolerances, better finishes, and increased accuracy

We ran the same part with the same tooling on a Doosan and were 3 times faster, and the finish was a lot nicer. Faster, nicer finish, and more accurate as well. We’re holding the tolerances a lot closer.” – Balazs Ormai, President, Engineered Machining Solutions


Over the last several years, EMS has worked with Ellison Technologies to reach their manufacturing and machining goals and in doing so, have replaced ALL of their previous machines with new DN (Doosan) machines. EMS’ acquired the following machines:

End Result:

EMS’ new arsenal of machines allows them to boast a wide range of small to large, simple to complex, milling, turning, and up to 5-axis machining capabilities.

With support from the Ellison team and reliability of DN Solutions' (Doosan) powerful machines, EMS was able to achieve their goal of machining prototype, short-run, and high tolerance aerospace parts.

For a shop owner the most important thing is not being broken down, waiting for parts or for the machine to be worked on. Ellison is doing a great job. If anything ever happens Ellison is here, and parts come in fast. We are very happy with the customer service from Ellison, and the 2 year warranty on the Doosan machines beats just about everyone else. We are very satisfied.” – Balazs Ormai, President, Engineered Machining Solutions

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