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Navigating the Future of Manufacturing: Ellison's AutoPilot >

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, where every second counts, Ellison Technologies is at the forefront of innovation. Teaming up with industry leaders Doosan Robotics and OnRobot, Ellison introduces AutoPilot – a revolutionary CNC Machine Tending Solution designed to redefine automation in manufacturing.

From Prototype to Perfection: How Vyper Industrial Built a Better Shop Stool >

Dylan and Dayne Rusch weren't destined for ordinary pursuits. Raised by a talented machinist, Chris Rusch, who built Rusch Machine & Design into a top-tier metal shaping company, their path was likely to be paved with innovation.

The Truth About Cobots: Debunking Common Misconceptions in Metal-Cutting Manufacturing >

In the dynamic landscape of metal-cutting manufacturing, there are prevailing misconceptions that often overshadow the remarkable capabilities of Cobots.

How FZE Uses Cobots To Aid in Machining and Manufacturing >

Some shops still have yet to welcome automation, but FZE Manufacturing Solutions is not one of them.

Doosan Cobots: The Buzz from Machine Shops >

Ellison Technologies has been working with Doosan Robotics since 2019. We choose collaborative robots from Doosan because of their quality, impressive technical specifications, and broad product offering.

PCI Machining: Why Buy 4 Machines When 3 Will Do? >

With a recent Ellison overhaul, this Indianapolis shop has growth in its future.


If you want an example of how powerful a strong skill set and a good niche can be, TJB Couplers of North Ridgeville, Ohio serves as an excellent case study. 

How Wagner Machine Makes the Hard Jobs Look Easy >

For decades, Wagner Machine has built a reputation for high-quality production work, as well as a tendency to take on the jobs that don’t seem possible.

Here’s How Flaming River Sets the Steering Systems Aftermarket on Fire >

Flaming River describes how the company grew to be an award-winning player in the steering systems aftermarket for street rods, muscle cars, classics, and trucks.

Meet the HELLER HF Series of 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center >

The high-performance HELLER HF Series probably doesn’t look like most 5-axis machining centers you’re familiar with. That’s only the beginning.

5 Things You Need To Know About the 5-Axis DVF Series from DN Solutions >

If you’re sniffing around for a 5-axis machine that backs up its boasts, here’s everything you need to know about the DVF Series from DN Solutions.

Reducing Cycle Times & Increasing Productivity with Geospace Technologies >

When you’ve been a leading manufacturer for oil and gas seismic products for over 40 years, you need technology that helps you keep your competitive edge in productivity and profitability. 

Doosan Machine Tools changes its name to DN Solutions >

Doosan Machine Tools changes its name to DN Solutions “The company will be reborn as a total manufacturing solutions provider.”

Teaming DVF 5-Axis Machines with Automation >

Do you find yourself turning down business because you don’t have the resources to turn the job around in the customer’s time frame? Is unproductive downtime eating into your profit margin? Are you having trouble finding experienced machinists?

Doosan 5-Axis Revs Up Productivity >

Knight Design, based in Corvallis, Oregon, makes aftermarket parts for motorcycles (foot pegs) and automobiles (shift knobs).

5-Axis Helps Engelbrecht Manufacturing Stay Ahead of the Competition >

Engelbrecht Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer that has been producing precision machined parts and components for over 25 years.

5-Axis Makes a Big Difference at Innovative Technology >

When Matt Blankenship started Innovative Technology out of his garage in 2019, he had never operated a CNC machine.

Go From 3-Axis To 5-Axis And Shred Cycle Times >

If you can handle 3-axis machining, you can also handle 5. And the benefits of making the jump are eye-popping.

Tips on Getting the Best Finish on Complex 5-Axis Parts >

Machinists are often challenged with coming up with the best finishes possible on intricate parts.

Speed and Precision for Performance Parts >

Rottweiler Performance, based in Costa Mesa, CA, manufactures and develops a range of performance motorcycle parts including triple clamps and intake systems.

Authority Machining Launches with the Support of Ellison and DN Solutions >

In June 2021, Bryce and wife, Becca Brethorst, founded and launched Authority Machining in Ramsey, MN with the support of Ellison Technologies and the reliability of DN Solutions.

Increasing Profitability and Productivity with the Doosan PUMA TT >

95% of Diversified Fitting’s machined parts consist of hydraulic fittings in a wide range of sizes made from stainless, brass, aluminum, Hastelloy, and other high-performance alloys.

Five Axis Meets Cobot to Deliver Productivity >

Darmark Corporation, based in Poway, California, has delivered high quality machined components for the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, transportation, and energy industries for over 40 years.

Opportunities with 5-Axis DVF 5000 >

Pep Manufacturing has been machining high quality tooling, hydraulic, aerospace, and railroad parts since 1997. With a mix of turning machines and vertical mills, Pep Manufacturing wanted to expand their capabilities to stand out from the competition. 

Bridge Mill for Big Machining >

For the last 50 years, Alabama based PGI Steel has successfully delivered heavy-duty components for automation, construction, oil & gas, power, pulp & paper, government, and defense industries.

Reducing Costs to MAKE MORE Money and Parts >

Endeavor Machined Products (EMP) has been manufacturing complex aerospace parts for the last 10 years.

The Link in Productivity and Profitability >

For over four decades, Link® Manufacturing, headquartered in Sioux Center, Iowa, has been committed to developing and manufacturing heavy-duty commercial vehicles and equipment suspension systems.

5 New Doosan NHP 8000 HMC’s to MAKE MORE 550 lb Parts >

Since 2012, Impact CNC has been utilizing their 50+ Doosan machining and turning centers to manufacture parts for the agriculture, industrial, construction, off road, and transportation industries.

True Precision Machining; Making Complete Parts from Stock >

True Precision Machining (TPM) located in Buellton, California was featured by Doosan Machine Tools America as a Doosan Shop success story.

The Sound of Productivity Strikes a Chord in the Guitar Industry >

Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS) has been one of the world’s premier guitar and amplifier manufacturers since 1985. While continuously innovating and improving their products, PRS’ mission is to deliver guitars designed with uncompromised tone, playability, and beauty.

As Seen in CNC-West: Fast Lane Precision Shows us the Productive Power of the Doosan PUMA TT >

Barry Kitchen, owner, and Kevin Jimenez, head of the mill-turn department, discuss the story of Fast Lane Precision, where it started, where it’s going, and how the productive power of the Doosan PUMA TT1800SY horizontal twin-turret turning center with twin opposing spindles is getting them there.

Good Bye Machine Downtime, Hello DN (Doosan) >

Ellison Technologies is proud to partner with EMS, equipping their entire shop with new and more powerful CNC machining centers with DN Solutions (Doosan).

Empowering your People Will Power Your Business. >

Where many shops struggle with finding skilled labor, that's never been a problem for owner and CEO, Tim Johnston, of Chapter 2 Inc.

Why Renegade Wheels Rides With Doosan and Ellison Technologies >

Great business ideas can come from surprising places. As proof, allow us to present Chuck Frederick, President of Renegade Wheels (Orange, CA).