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Introducing the New Doosan Robotics Almighty A-Series



Superior speed and cost-effective solution.

As demands for faster turnaround times and increased production ramp up, manufacturers need a solution to improve their productivity without breaking the bank. A solution that will allow manufacturers to reach world class excellence in delivering quality parts while remaining productive and profitable. Enter the new Almighty A-Series Cobot from Doosan Robotics.

The A-Series delivers an automation solution built for speed and cost-effectiveness. Capable of completing a wide range of applications from loading and unloading to sorting and inspection, the A-series can fulfill several shop and machine tending needs. The A-Series comes in four models with a range reaching up to 47.2” and a payload capacity up to 19.8 lbs.


See Model


See Model

Key Features

» A+ Safety

» A+ Speed

» A+ Customization

» A+ ROI

Main Applications

Machine Tending

Feed the CNC machine and load/unload the subject into the pallet

Pick and Place

Simple loading/unloading work such as moving objects between tasks



Quick product packaging and transporting tasks in electronic, material handling and plastic industry


Inspecting internal/external defects and assembly quality

Air Blowing

Exterior cleaning of finished products or workpieces with spiral spray motion and multi-angle composite spray motion

Gluing and Bonding

Spraying of consistent amount of adhesive for gluing and bonding

Polishing and Deburring

Burr removal and surface polishing after processing


Traditional assembly tasks like screw driving and gear assembling

The Almighty A-Series comes packaged with the robot arm, emergency stop button, teach pendant, and cockpit controller. Additional options include the smart pendant for easy, simplified controls, and DART Platform software for PC programming.