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Horizontal Turning Centers

We provide our customers with an extremely wide range of sizes and configurations of CNC Lathes including Two-Axis, Four-Axis, Sub-Spindle, Twin Spindle, Swiss and Multi-Spindle, many of which offer industry leading live tool technology.  Whether your requirements be for bar, shaft or chucking work in quantities of 1 or 1,000,000 chances are we have the right turning platform for your specific application.

Doosan Machine Tools America has a proven record of successful machine installations in the U.S. market for over 30 years. It offers a diversified product line, with choices ranging from small lathes and mills to heavy duty machining centers to very large double column and boring mills.

Doosan H series is a 4-axis lathe with high-performance twin spindles that delivers twice the productivity of a traditional 2-axis lathe. It further enhances productivity via a gantry loader which can automate your process.

Doosan’s Lynx series features high accuracy compact horizontal lathes. The machines produce superior surface finishes and offer multiple options to provide a customizable solution to your turning applications. Whether it’s the Lynx 220, the 220 Y-axis, or the heavy-duty 300, these high-speed machines will have your production line moving faster and in the right direction.

The highly productive 4-axis linear guide PUMA TL series combines multi-axis functionality with simultaneous control of both turrets. From precise finishes to high-powered metal removal rates, the twin turret lathe provides manufacturers with new process options without adding set-ups. Rapid traverse rates, a solid machine construction, and additional milling options makes the TL series the perfect addition for any manufacturer who needs fast, flexible, multi-axis production.

The PUMA TT Series is designed for superior surface finishes and long-term high accuracy. Twin turrets and twin spindles are a great high productivity solution, especially for handling small-sized & complex parts for mass production. Multi-tasking capabilities increase productivity by reducing work in process.

The PUMA Series is Doosan’s high performance lathe series. Designed for heavy and intermittent cutting, accurate production, and premium surface finishes, this series has models with chuck sizes ranging from 8”-12”. This Series has a box guideway structure which prevents vibration and gives it secure dynamic rigidity. It has the highest spindle speed in its class and also delivers powerful cutting capabilities.

The PUMA GT series is Doosan’s Global Turning family of horizontal turning centers. These heavy-duty, box guideway machines have an 8” or 10″ chuck and a powerful 15.5 – 18.5kW/ 4500 rpm or 26kW/ 3500 rpm spindle depending on the model type.

The TW Series is Doosan's horizontal turning center designed for doubled efficiency equipped with twin spindles. The dual spindle design features parallel spindles, turrets, peripherals, and gantry loaders for increased efficiency and output.

TAKAMAZ is a well-established manufacturer of special purpose CNC precision lathes boasting fast cycles and tight tolerances, ideal for high volume jobs. Takamaz offers high quality, simple to use integrated part load/unload models, turnkey load/unload, part wash and inspection within automated cells.

TAKAMAZ offers a full range of CNC lathes ideal for high volume machining.