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Halter LoadAssistant®



Automate and enhance your productivity with the help of HALTER’s LoadAssistant® robotic systems.

The LoadAssistant® combines a FANUC robotic arm capable of loading and unloading, sorting, and stacking, with an integrated storage system for a variety of part types. Keep your production running with 2nd and 3rd shifts, and lights out operation utilizing the LoadAssistant®’s:

  • Plug-and-play compatibility with any CNC machine brand
  • Easy to use HALTER SmartControl with minimal experience required
  • Easy mobility to transfer from machine to machine Built-in FANUC 6-axis robotic arm
  • Built-in floor scanner for cage free operation

LoadAssistant® Options


  • Universal Compact 12
  • Universal Premium 20/35
  • Universal Big 35/70

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  • Turnstacker Compact 12
  • Turnstacker Premium 20/35
  • Turnstacker Big 35/70

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  • Millstacker Compact 12
  • Millstacker Premium 20/35
  • Millstacker Big 35/70

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  • Return on investment in 6-18 months

  • Increased output from more machining time and reduced downtime

  • Easier response to unexpected orders due to quick robot cell set-up times

  • Operate outside of regular working hours with robotic automation

  • Decrease hourly production costs


Automatic Door Opener

Equip your machine with a servo-controlled automatic door opener

Floor Scanner

Removes need for a fence and opens up the machine for complete accessibility. Scanner adjusts robot speed depending on operators proximity.

SmartControl & HALTER-Machine Interface

Completely pre-programmed to easily integrate with CNC machines without robot interfaces and requires minimal parameters to begin operation.

Industrial Quality and Reliable Technology

Robust construction with high-quality industrial components and plug-and-play ready for immediate operation

Universal Gripper System

Standard 2 or 3 finger grippers for round or rectangular parts with built-in grip sensors to guarantee operational safety.

FANUC 6-Axis Robot Arm

Equipped with a FANUC robotic arm with a 10, 20, or 35 kq load capacity.

Easy Machine to Machine Transportation

Easily transported from one machine to another with a pallet truck. The LoadAssistant® utilizes self-centering anchors and automatic machine recognition to maximize flexibility between multiple machines.

Rotating Loading System

Universal – pre-programmed grid plates suitable for storing turning and/or milling parts up to 230 mm. Grid plates are adjustable and can accommodate parts up to 250 mm high.

S-180 – stacking stations designed for higher storage capacity in a compact space with shorter pieces up to 180 mm.

S-230 – stacking stations designed for high capacity storage of round workpieces with a diameter up to 230 mm.