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Wire EDM

When you need to machine metal parts with complex and highly detailed surfaces, Wire-Cut EDM is the ideal solution for you. Utilizing durable and fine wires, sparks are discharged through the wire to cut into material with extreme precision and accuracy. We offer a selection of Wire-Cuit EDM's built for productivity and reliability to fit a wide range of applications.



As the oldest EDM machine manufacturer in the world, ONA has pioneered EDM technology for over 65 years. With over 15,000 machines installed worldwide, ONA delivers quality Wire-Cut and Die-Sinking EDM in compact and modular configurations fitting a wide range of applications. Additionally, ONA offers customized EDM solutions to fit customer-specific needs. 

Compact AD/AF Series Wire-Cut EDM

Compact AD/AF Series

Compact high-production Wire-Cut EDM

Compact AV Series Wire-Cut EDM

Compact AV Series

Compact Wire-Cut EDM built for precision

Hole Drilling DR Series EDM

Hole Drilling DR Series

Fast, Durable, and Productive Hole Drilling EDM

Modular AV Series Wire-Cut EDM

Modular AV Series

Highly flexible Wire-Cut EDM with over 20 configurations