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Titans of CNC


Building the Next Generation of Machinists

Dedicated to lifting up American students, educators, and its manufacturing workforce, TITANS of CNC provides a suite of free content to educate future generations of machinists at Titan Gilroy and his team at TITANS of CNC have partnered with premier machine tool builders to develop a wide range of content using the latest innovations in machining technology.

Feature Partners:

Titans of CNC Academy

For several years TITANS of CNC has developed an extensive library of online videos, tutorials, and training courses on how to become a CNC machinist and programmer. Through the support of machine tool builders, tooling and accessory partners, TITANS of CNC has created education learning series covering the fundamentals of machining, designing and programming in CAD/CAM systems, building your machine shop, shop management, machining complete parts, workholding and fixturing, part inspection, and more. As their latest series of courses, TITANS of CNC has added their Aerospace Academy focusing on how to machine real-life aerospace parts and how to handle aerospace materials.

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