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Ellison Recruiting Services


Skilled labor shortage? We can help.

Ellison understands the manufacturing industry which differentiates us from the general recruiters. We:

  • get to know your company and culture in order to confirm it’s the right fit
  • have an understanding of the different types of engineers and their qualifications to match your specific needs
  • will only send you candidates that pass through our rigid screening process
  • only get paid if you find someone, hire and remain for 60 days

Ellison Recruiting Services will assist by:

  • providing an initial needs analysis
  • crafting an enticing job description
  • introductory screening of all candidates
  • facilitating first interview and follow-up

Ellison has provided better candidates than any other recruiter we’ve used!”
– Susan, VP of Human Resources at Senga Engineering

(The Ellison team) is extremely honest, timely, friendly and thorough in her approach to sending us candidates.” 
– Phil, VP of Human Capital Management at Elite Aviation Products

The candidates you’re sending over are pretty amazing. Whatever you’re doing is working.”
– Ivan, Owner at LouTech

…we’re ecstatic to report that we’ve made our first offer of employment and it has been accepted!  I told Stefanie all along that our standards and expectations were high – we were looking for a unicorn, and I really believe we found one.  Stefanie has been tireless in her search.  In addition, she’s been incredibly responsive – I’ve never waited more than 24 hours for anything, and often less than 30 minutes.   I’m a very demanding customer and she has exceeded my expectations."
– Karen, Astro-Physics, Inc

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We currently have a strong portfolio of skilled manufacturing individuals available, including process engineers, advanced set-up machinist, programmers, quality technicians, maintenance technicians, management-level candidates, and repair technicians.