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Mill Turn Centers

Our complete lineup of Mill Turn Center users save countless dollars each year by merging multiple operations into one, eliminating set-up time, reducing operations, enhancing part quality and greatly increasing overall manufacturing velocity. 

Doosan Machine Tools America has a proven record of successful machine installations in the U.S. market for over 30 years. It offers a diversified product line, with choices ranging from small lathes and mills to heavy duty machining centers to very large double column and boring mills.

The Puma MX series delivers maximum productivity and economy. The integration of milling and turning in one platform gives you great flexibility. Machine off-center with the Y-axis or mill angled surfaces with the B-axis for a wide range of machine applications. Complete multiple operations on this machine, from simple milling or turning to complex multi-axis simultaneous machining.

The milling and turning capabilities of the PUMA SMX series allow for fast and precise machining of workpieces in one set-up. The machines in this multi-tasking turning center family are very rigid and employ thermal compensation features that provide constant exceptional performance.

Founded in 1993, WFL Millturn Technologies specializes in producing multifunctional complete mill turn machining centers. Integrated into many high tech companies today, WFL has aligned their mission to the advancement of MILLTURN technology creating machining solutions capable of producing complex components with the highest precision. Trademarking MILLTURN, WFL offers solutions for turning, boring, and milling all in one machining center boasting a wide range of machining technologies, the highest level of productivity, stability, precision, and flexibility in manufacturing.

WFL combines all machining and measuring operations into a single MILLTURN machining center to greatly increase machining efficiency. WFL’s unique MILLTURN concept promises unparalleled chipping performance with a high level of precision. With over 20 different MILLTURN models available, customers can selection from several options with turning lengths from 1000 to 14000 mm (39.4 to 551.2 in) and turning diameters from 520 to 2000 mm (20.5 to 78.7 in).