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Metrology Equipment

In several industries like medical, aerospace, and automotive, machined parts for manufacturing require the highest level of accuracy in measurement and quality. Through Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and Metrology tools; you will be able to scan, measure, and calibrate your machines to produce consistent and accurate parts every time.

Brown & Sharpe

Offering high-quality construction and performance, Brown & Sharpe has a large variety of Metrology Equipment suitable for several assignments. With more than 150 years of experience, Brown & Sharpe is well known for their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), optical measuring systems, 1D, 2D and 3D bench-top measuring machines, and precision hand tools.


In the field of engineering, competition is fierce and the growing economy is always demanding something new. CogniTens 3D Optical Measurement Solutions, offer advanced technology that facilitates the acquisition of data of large areas in a fraction of a second. With CogniTens white light based 3D optical measurement solutions, you are provided with product specifically designed for the high demands in all areas of engineering and shop floor environments in the automotive and other manufacturing industries. CogniTens specifies in research development, and production of innovative metrology hardware and software, for manual and fully-automated applications.


M&H is a high technological leader among its industry-thriving counterparts. Known for their strength in machine tool expertise, continuous technical innovation, focus on customers' manufacturing processes, and application engineering, M&H is the most sought after company for high-quality infrared and radio wave touch probes and toolsetters. In fact, their manufactured probes have been used by aerospace, automotive, mold and die, railway, and power generation industries for years.
Nikon is a market leader in optical instrumentation and the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, assuring impeccable quality throughout production. Metrology solutions included in the Nikon product portfolio include CMMs, laser scanners, 3D scanners, X-ran and computed tomography, vision systems and microscopes

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Perform dimensional, positional and surface measurement with Nikon coordinate measuring systems. Offering a complete range of contact and non-contact sensors, Nikon CMMs deliver true multi-sensor capability.

Laser Scanning

Accelerate design-through-manufacturing with laser scanning for inspection or reverse engineering purposes. 3D laser scanning captures the entire part geometry, covering both freeform surfaces and geometric features. Laser scanners are used with CMMs, articulated arms, optical CMMs or even robots.

Portable Measuring

Perform full geometry inspection using portable measuring solutions from Nikon, which integrate the market-leading digital ModelMaker scanners. Larger part inspection is also available, and allows the operator to freely walk around and scan as needed. Focus software guarantees smooth and intuitive operation and processing.

Video Measuring Systems

Nikon’s wide range of video measuring systems provide fast, accurate, and automated measurements of mechanical and electronic devices. Multi-sensor systems allow for tactile, video, and laser based inspection, while the excellent edge detection and a variety of optical head and illumination options make Nikon video measuring systems suitable for every application.

X-ray and CT Inspection

Carry out X-ray and CT Inspection to examine the internal structure of complex industrial parts. Nikon Metrology manufactures X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) machines that qualify and quantify any inner or outer dimension in a smooth, non-destructive process and comply with tight quality standards.

Large Volume Applications

Nikon offers large scale measurements metrology systems. On-line geometry data is fed into the process to constantly increase the precision and speed of manufacturing. Measuring large components, such as an aircraft wing, a parabolic antenna or a wind turbine blade requires automated, non-contact metrology solutions based on optical technologies.

Microscope Systems

Nikon offers a wide range of optical and digital microscope systems with outstanding versatility, performance and productivity for any application.


Proud inventor of the portable coordinate measuring machine, ROMER continues to be a leading favorite among its kind. Selling articulated arm coordinate measuring machines, ROMER PCMMs are intrinsically designed to inspect, measure or reverse engineering work pieces on the shop floor, or in the metrology laboratory. Their metrology systems are used worldwide in well over 100 different industries such as: automotive, aerospace, military, boat building, tube bending, furniture, off-highway, machine shops, stamping plants, die shops and more.


Sheffield Coordinate Measuring Systems have been in production for over 40 years. Many of the technologies and techniques on nearly all CMMs were first pioneered on Sheffield CMMs. Today, Sheffield Measurement features a variety of vertical and manual coordinate measuring systems.
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC is a global leader in CNC coordinate measuring machines and complete, multi-dimensional metrology solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors, including the optical and opto-electronic industry.

Critical for quality assurance, ZEISS’ Bridge Coordinate Measuring (CMM) Machines provide the highest accuracy measurements with precision and speed. ZEISS offers a wide variety of Bridge CMM options suited for small to medium size parts with simple to complex shapes.

Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Solutions from ZEISS allows you to take your metrology needs to the next level. ZEISS offers a variety of CT machines that have the capability to measure the volume of internal structures within your parts. These CT machines allow manufacturers to achieve complete volume-based inspection of parts during production cycles.

ZEISS' series of Horizontal-Arm machines are ideal for the automotive and supplier industries. The series features the CARMET, which provides precision and long term stability; along with the PRO and PRO T universal machines ideal for initial batch of parts up to analysis and high speeds without a loss of measuring accuracy.

ZEISS’ Large CMM Series are capable of measuring the largest parts and offer the highest precision measurement. Ideal for the aerospace, vehicle, and mechanical engineering industries, ZEISS’ large CMMs have a large range of wide tabletop, bridge-type, and gantry coordinate measuring machines.

ZEISS’ Optical Metrology solutions are ideal for quickly and easily completing complex measurements. Utilizing a high degree of automation and state-of-the-art sensors, optical metrology can minimize operating errors and provide a high level of accuracy. ZEISS offers various optical measuring systems including 3D Scanning, Profile Projectors, and Multi-Sensor Measurement.

ZEISS' full line of production measuring machines is ideal for use directly in production environment. With Shop Floor CMMs you can get the measurements and quality assurance you need during production to ensure consistency in each and every part.

ZEISS has partnered with ACCRETECH to develop a variety of machines and instruments specifically designed to excel at the measuring of surfaces, contours, and form. These instruments can be used for measuring roundness, cylindrical parts, and heavy objects.

Data and CMM Management Software

ZEISS has developed a full suite of software designed specifically to enhance the functionality of each of their metrology machines. Software offerings from ZEISS include the next generation of CMM and data management. ZEISS’ CALYPSO series gives you the tools to measure a variety of geometries, CALIGO specializes in capturing freeform surfaces, NEO insights provides easy visualization and CT volume data analysis, colin3D is designed for optical 3D sensor systems, PiWeb allows for a new level of graphical data evaluation and allow the flow of the right data into all departments, and GAURDUS presents a platform for continuous capture, monitoring, and visualization of products and process data throughout the value chain. All of ZEISS software are vital to ensuring you are accessing the fullest potential of your metrology machines and instruments.