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Engineering Solutions


As machining technology continues to evolve and part design and production become more complex, it is of the utmost importance to adapt and stay ahead of the competition. But resources are finite, and time is valuable. Which is why our team of engineering experts offer comprehensive turnkey engineering and training services to support our customers. Our Engineering Solutions are designed to make your facility, your team, and your machines more effective and efficient, so that you can save time, increase profits, improve productivity, and most importantly, MAKE MORE.

Turnkey Engineering

From design to production, we’re here to help you MAKE MORE. More than simply providing a machine to manufacture a part, our Turnkey Engineering Services will help you get the most out of your machines and your facility. Our manufacturing and machining experts will analyze your operation, your process, your needs, and your machines to provide resources to help you be more productive. 

Turnkey Engineering Services includes:

  • Process & Set-up Optimization
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Spindle Utilization Studies
  • New Technology Integration
  • Facility Layout
  • Work Handling, Part Load/Unload System Design & Integration
  • CNC Operator & Programming Training


We understand the need to educate and develop skilled operators and programmers in order for today's shops to stay productive.  Whether that's meeting faster part requirements or adapting to new technology our application engineers are ready to help. We work closely with our machine tool builders to provide the proper training to our customers. Whether its learning how to increase productivity on an existing machine, understanding control features on a newer machine, or conversational and G-Code programming; our team can provide training support to give manufacturers the tools they need to succeed.