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Speed and Precision for Performance Parts

Rottweiler Performance, based in Costa Mesa, CA, manufactures and develops a range of performance motorcycle parts including triple clamps and intake systems.

As a manufacturer and distributor of adventure, street, dual-sport, KTM and road racing motorcycle parts, Rottweiler has continued to achieve year after year success and growth. To continue their growth, Owner, Chris Parker looked to Doosan and Ellison Technologies to support their needs.

The Search for Doosan

Rottweiler had previously utilized machine tools to develop their parts, but realized they were unable to achieve tolerances and accuracies to machine higher performance and more complicated billet parts. Chris began looking to see what other manufacturers in the industry were using and discovered that Doosan Machine Tools delivered outstanding value and performance. As Chris researched mill and lathe options from Doosan, he reached out to Ellison Technologies for additional support. After discussing specs and options, Rottweiler proceeded with purchasing the Doosan DNM 5700 and Doosan Lynx 2100LB.

“A couple calls to Ellison Technologies, we got the information we needed to move forward. We had heard enough about them that we purchased both machines sight unseen. The reputation stood for itself.” – Chris Parker, Owner, Rottweiler Performance

The Doosan Difference

With the performance and versatility of the DNM and Lynx, Rottweiler was able to achieve speeds and accuracies that they were not able to hold with their previous machines. The Doosan DNM 5700 comes equipped with a 12,000 rpm, 25 hp, CAT 40 BIG PLUS spindle, 1,417 ipm rapids, and has the most standard features built-in for increased productivity including Doosan enhanced FANUC controls, prewired for Renishaw probing, dual screw chip augers, through spindle coolant, and spindle chiller. The Doosan Lynx 2100LB features a 20 hp, 4,500 rpm spindle, 2.625” bar capacity, large 13.78” turning diameter, 21.6” turning length, 12 station tool turret, high precision pre-tensioned X-axis double nut ball screws, and fast 1,417 ipm Z-axis rapids. With these machines, Rottweiler was able to MAKE MORE complex performance parts that required tolerances to be within a couple tenths of a thousandth of an inch.

“We couldn’t hold these tolerances before and so therefore we couldn’t get into the line of products we were trying to develop. But with these machines they’ve enabled us to pretty much do anything from motorcycle parts to aerospace if we decided to.” – Chris Parker

Reliable Support for Reliable Machines

In addition to the increased capabilities and capacity that Doosan Machine Tools provided, Rottweiler also gained machine tool support from Ellison Technologies. From installation and training to service and maintenance, Ellison Technologies continues to provide reliable support to ensure Rottweiler Performance’s machines continue to run at optimal performance. As Rottweiler continues their growth, Ellison Technologies takes pride in being able to support them in their success and future investments in machining solutions.

See why Rottweiler trusts the reliability of Doosan and Ellison Technologies by watching the video above.

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