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Navigating the Future of Manufacturing: Ellison's AutoPilot

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, where every second counts, Ellison Technologies is at the forefront of innovation. Teaming up with industry leaders Doosan Robotics and OnRobot, Ellison introduces AutoPilot – a revolutionary CNC Machine Tending Solution designed to redefine automation in manufacturing.

Addressing the Need for Automation:

Manufacturers today face a multitude of challenges, from worker shortages to rising overhead costs. Manual processes not only slow down production but also strain valuable resources. Enter AutoPilot – a solution specifically engineered to address these common pain points. By automating CNC machine tending tasks, AutoPilot promises to significantly transform the manufacturing landscape.

Exploring AutoPilot:

AutoPilot isn't just another automation tool – it's a game-changer. With its user-friendly plug-and-play setup and intuitive software interface, it's specifically designed to streamline CNC machining processes including loading and unloading. At its core lies OnRobot D:PLOY CNC Software, proprietary software that optimizes productivity and ensures every aspect of your operation runs smoothly.

Ellison's talented robotics team has poured their expertise into creating AutoPilot, a revolutionary solution that goes beyond just hardware. It's a comprehensive solution that leverages OnRobot D:PLOY CNC Software, enhancing both its user-friendliness and efficiency. Traditionally, the advantages of automation were seen as exclusive to high-volume production. However, with AutoPilot and OnRobot D:PLOY, even low-volume, high-mix manufacturers can reap the benefits of automation.

Unlocking Efficiency with OnRobot D:PLOY:

OnRobot D:PLOY isn't just software – it's a catalyst for change. Rapid deployment slashes setup times by 80%, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows. Enhanced efficiency translates to more projects completed in less time, driving profitability upwards. With a significant boost in productivity and a guaranteed return on investment (ROI), the benefits of AutoPilot are undeniable.

Customized Solutions for Every Need:

Manufacturing isn't a one-size-fits-all industry, and neither is AutoPilot. We offer tailored solutions to meet your diverse production requirements, whether you're focused on high volume, low mix production or low volume, high mix production. AutoPilot effortlessly scales to suit your specific needs. Flexibility and scalability are the cornerstones of its success.


As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, AutoPilot emerges as a beacon of promise. Its seamless automation and unparalleled efficiency are revolutionizing the industry, one operation at a time. Embrace the future of manufacturing with Ellison's AutoPilot and chart a course towards success.

Ready to embark on your automation journey? Contact Ellison today to discover how AutoPilot can transform your manufacturing operations. In the quest for manufacturing excellence, Ellison's AutoPilot is your ultimate co-pilot. Strap in and soar to new heights of efficiency and productivity.


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