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Preventative Maintenance


Do you know how much unexpected downtime is costing you?

Your business depends on your machines for quality parts and manufacturing success: Ensure Their Strength.

Unplanned maintenance downtime costs your business THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. You can avoid potential risks with a Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program. PM programs are designed to maximize the overall amount of cutting time and to ensure that machines continuously operate at quoted specifications for accuracy and repeatability.

Ellison Technologies Service Organization has hundreds of years of combined machine tool service experience.

We put this to work in a variety of maintenance and inspection programs that keep your DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) and other OEM equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Why Choose Ellison’s OneSource Preventative Maintenance Program?

  • Reduce costs on one-off replacement consumables (filters, coolant, tooling, etc.)
  • Extend the life of your machine with routine maintenance and inspections
  • Reduce manufacturing wastes caused by inaccuracies and inconsistencies
  • Create a safer work environment by reducing machine malfunction risks
  • MAKE MORE money by increasing your OEE

Programs can be customized to include:

  • Single or Multiple Machines
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Way Lube Systems
  • Coolant Systems
  • Air Systems
  • Replacement Parts and Installation
  • Routine Inspection and Service

Preventative Maintenance Benefits:

  1. Reduce unscheduled downtime.
  2. Reduce scrap due to machine error.
  3. Improve overall machine performance and reliability.
  4. Increase equipment resale value.
  5. ISO certification requirements.
  6. Complement and increase effectiveness of in-house maintenance.

Ellison’s OneSource Preventative Maintenance Service Benefits

Customized Service Packages Available

We offer customized service packages based on your individual shop's needs. Our service account experts will look at your service history to determine the right plan for you. Check out our additional services which can be included.


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