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5-Axis Machining Centers

When it comes to 5-Axis machining you need to look no further than us. Our builders have decades of experience, optimized tooling and piece part clearances, true 5-Axis control systems, optimized five-axis programming software and rigid cutting platforms that leave other competitors in the dust.

A 5 axis CNC machine is a particular kind of CNC machine that has the capacity to move a workpiece or cutting tool along five distinct axes at once. These machines are frequently used in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing that call for intricate and exact machining. A maker can produce intricate parts and components with high precision and accuracy using a 5 axis CNC machine.

The ability of 5 axis CNC machines to machine complicated shapes and geometries in a single setup is one of their main benefits. X, Y, and Z are the only three linear axes that traditional three axis CNC machines can move along, making it challenging to produce complex shapes without numerous setups. A 5 axis CNC machine provides for more freedom and flexibility in machining because the cutting tool can move along two extra rotational axes (A and B). As a result, setup periods can be shortened, accuracy can be improved, and productivity can rise. Further increasing efficiency and lowering costs, 5 axis CNC machines frequently perform multiple tasks in a single setup.


Machine Tool Centers

DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools)

DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) has a proven record of successful machine installations in the U.S. market for over 30 years. It offers a diversified product line, with choices ranging from small lathes and mills to heavy duty machining centers to very large double column and boring mills.

DNM 5AX Series 5 Axis Machining Center

DNM 5AX Series

Full 5 or 4+1 axis machining built on the reliable powerhouse DNM architecture. 

VC 5AX Series 5-axis machining center

VC 5AX Series

High precision, simultaneous full 5-axis machining.

VCF 5AX Series 5-axis machining center

VCF 5AX Series

5-axis machining with moving column design, rotary table, and pivoting spindle head.

DHF Series 5-axis horizontal machining center

DHF Series

5-axis machining for large parts and harder materials. 

DVF Series 5-axis machining centers

DVF Series

DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools)'s newest line of full simultaneous 5-axis machining centers. 

HFP series five axis horizontal machining center

HFP Series

Simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining center with large tilting table.


HELLER is a global partner offering optimized manufacturing solutions and a comprehensive range of services for the metal-cutting industry. HELLER manufactures 4 and 5 axis machining centers, flexible manufacturing systems, crankshaft, and camshaft machines. HELLER began in 1982 with customers from a variety of industries including automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, machine building industry, contract manufacturers, power engineering, mold and die manufacturers as well as aerospace companies.

C Series machining center

C Series

5-axis machining, horizontal, vertical, and tilted turning all-in-one. 

F Series 5-axis machining center

F Series

Simultaneous 5-axis machining with rotary table and angular headstock.

HF Series 5-axis horizontal machining center

HF Series

Simultaneous 5-axis machining with a swiveling rotary table.