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The inaugural Titans of CNC BOOMBASTIC Show on September 14 -18, 2020 featured 5 days of live machining, vendor showcases, and incredible deals on machine tools and accessories. Although the unique event was live-streamed exclusively on Facebook, the complete recorded event can be viewed below.

The event highlighted the power and capabilities of the Doosan Machine Tools SMX3100ST, DVF 6500, PUMA 2600SY II, DEM 4000, NHM 6300, and MYNX 6500. Check out each episode below.

Deals mentioned in the episodes were for a limited time and ended 9/30/2020.

Day 1

Ellison Technologies Product Manager – 5 Axis Technologies, Chris Wood, joins Titan and Tyson Gilroy to discuss the features, benefits, and capabilities of the incredibly productive 9-axis Doosan SMX3100ST millturn.

Episode 1 | 9-Axis MILL/TURN Demo

Episode 2 | 9-Axis MILL/TURN Cont'd

Day 2

Chris Wood joins Titan again to discuss the DVF 6500 and how 5-axis machining can help you MAKE MORE. Additionally, Titan introduces the new Doosan DEM and LEO models built for training the next generation of machinist.

Episode 5 | 5-Axis Machining Demo

Episode 6 | 5-Axis Machining Demo and Programming

Episode 7 | CNC Training Package Unveiled!

Day 3

Ellison Los Angeles’ Sales Manager, Tony Burns, joins Titan to show off the productive, heavy duty, power of the NHM 6300 horizontal machining center cutting aerospace parts.

Episode 9 | Horizontal Titanium Machining Demo

Episode 10 | Horizontal Titanium Machining - Cont'd

Day 4

Titan features the setup time reducing, done-in-one capabilities of the Doosan PUMA 2600SY II horizontal turning center with y-axis, milling, and sub-spindle capabilities.

Episode 13 | Machining 316L Stainless Aerospace Fittings Demo - Set-up & Tooling

Episode 14 | Machining 316L Stainless Aerospace Fittings Demo - Programming

Day 5

Experience the power and rigidity of the heavy-duty MYNX 6500 vertical machining center as Titan attempts to break an endmill by taking fast and deep cuts.

Episode 17 | Murdering Metal - Insane Deep Cuts

Episode 18 | Titanium Machining on DNM5700


Visit the Titans of CNC video page to see the entire show.

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