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Acieta Collaborative Cell



Standard Collaborative Machine Tool Cell

A Cobot Cell Solution

Acieta’s FastLOAD CR2000 collaborative cell is more than just a cobot. The collaborative cell integrates machine tools, a robotic arm from FANUC, a touchscreen tablet control, and a uniquely designed base with grid plate storage to create a universally adaptable unit that can tend two machines simultaneously.

Capable of lifting up to 15 kg, this collaborative robot relies on proven FANUC technology and an ultra-responsive highly-sensitive sensor built into its base. It is extremely reliable but also an incredibly safe high-performer that can work with or alongside humans on a range of industrial applications such as handling, inspection, logistics, and machine tending. 

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Why Do You Need a Cobot Cell?

You Can Count on a Robot

Robots deliver reliable output and consistent quality, every time.

Lower Costs, Clear ROI

Automation increases capacity. Higher output at a lower cost.

Save Floor Space with a Smaller Footprint

Commands nearly 80% less floor space than a traditional robotic system with the ability to load two machines.

Solve Labor Shortages

If your machine shop has unused equipment due to a labor shortage, a FastLOAD CR2000 system can help you leverage your existing equipment.

Competitive Advantage

Blow out the competition with increased productivity, lower costs, and consistent quality.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Cobots can applied to almost any machine and does not require a safety fence.


One piece weldment

Offers small footprint and easy installation.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

For quick part setup with wifi programming.

Can tend up to 2 machines

Operator can load/unload parts while the robot is working.

Different end of arm standard tool options

3 jaw design for round parts and 2 jaw design for square parts.

6 different grid plate options

Six grid plate options available to accommodate different part heights and sizes.

Multiple Applications

The right payload and reach for a wide-range of handling applications.

Improve productivity, increase capacity.
FastLOAD CR2000 is here to help you do more with less.

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