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Meeting the Challenges of Aerospace Machining

Tight tolerances. Complex workpieces. Low volumes. Difficult-to-machine materials. Workforce headaches. These are all challenges familiar to shops serving the aerospace industry, and at Ellison Technologies, we’re here to help you take them head on.

The opportunities in aerospace machining are huge. The space exploration business is booming, commercial aviation is coming back in a big way and new defense programs require support from technically proficient shops. On top of the opportunities, making parts that help planes fly at 36,000 feet and satellites reach orbit is personally satisfying—and an absolute rush.

So how can you be prepared to take advantage of current opportunities and ready your business for the future? That’s what we’re covering here. To start, here are three things to help get your aerospace machining business off the ground and up to cruising altitude.

Invest in the right machining technology.

In the CNC aerospace machining business, high precision, exceptional rigidity and high-performance spindles are merely table stakes. The key for many profitable aerospace shops is their ability to invest in CNC machines that give them the flexibility to take on a range of high-mix, low-volume work. When you’re adding new equipment, make sure to not just look at increasing your capacity, but augmenting your shop floor with machines that can take on a wide range of complex aerospace machining work.

Get familiar with new materials.

While there are opportunities within the aerospace industry for the machining of traditional materials, the product mix also brings in materials that many shops aren’t yet familiar with. Engine components require titanium and superalloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy and other difficult-to-machine materials that end in “oy.” New lightweight materials including ceramic matrix composites (CMC), carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and polymer matrix composites (PMC) are needed to create stronger and lighter structural components. Being well versed in the complexities of machining these materials is core to standing out.

Partner with companies that have flown this path before.

This is a not-so-subtle plug for Ellison Technologies (you’re on our website; what were you expecting?). We’ve been in business since 1955 and have supported the aerospace industry since day one. We work with our carefully cultivated list of vendor partners to bring tailored aerospace machining solutions to your shop floor. Ellison Technologies has offices in 16 cities staffed with applications engineers that are always ready to help you Make More.



  • Improve part ACCURACY
  • Boost machine shop CAPABILITIES
  • Next level AUTOMATION
  • Implement 24/7 PRODUCTIVITY
  • Take your REVENUE to new heights

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DHF Series
5-axis Machining Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: 5-axis machining for large parts and harder materials
  • The DHF 8000 with A-axis nodding head spindle is a simultaneous, 5-axis horizontal machining center with high rigidity structure and dual ballscrews on the X and Y axes. The DHF is able to cut through a wide range of hard materials such as titanium and Inconel, plus high-speed machining capabilities when cutting aluminum. Whether it's milling, shaving, drilling or cutting, the DHF can machine it all.

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DVF Series
5-axis Machining Centers 

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: Compact, high performance 5-axis machining centers
  • The DVF Series is the newest line of 5-axis machining centers from DN Solutions. Built with cutting-edge technology, ergonomic accessibility and an automation-ready framework, the DVF delivers excellent performance. The DVF features a combined pivoting and rotary table to provide optimum access to all 5 axes, while maintaining rigid spindle support for reduced vibration.

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Mill-Turn Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: 9-axis milling and turning capabilities
  • The milling and turning capabilities of the PUMA SMX series allow for fast and precise machining of complex workpieces in a single setup. The machines in this multi-tasking turning center family are very rigid and employ thermal compensation features that provide constant exceptional performance.

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HFP Series
5-axis Machining Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: 5-axis machining for some of the largest aluminum structural components
  • The HFP series allows you to quickly machine some of the largest parts in the industry while maximizing productivity with its 5-axis machining centers, 30,000 r/min universal head spindle, and standard automatic pallet changer.

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Horizontal 5-axis Machining Center

  • Manufacturer: HELLER
  • Key takeaway: 5-axis machining for parts and materials
  • The HF Series simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining center features a pivoting and rotating palleted table with integrated counter bearing for enhanced stability and performance. The table features directly driven rotary axes, small mass moment of inertia when swiveling, and constant high speed A & B-axis movement. The HF Series offers options for an integrated pallet changer for high volume production, or a single table option for a more dynamic range of parts with direct load accessibility.

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C Series 5-axis Milling / Turning Center

  • Manufacturer: HELLER
  • Key takeaway: Universal 5-axis machining + turning without compromise
  • The powerful combination of milling and turning in one machine optimizes flexibility and performance for aerospace shops. This universal 5-axis milling-turning machining centers with the fifth axis in the tool and a DDT (Direct Drive Turning) rotary table delivers complete machining at its best.


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