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5 Things You Need To Know About the 5-Axis DVF Series from DN Solutions

There’s a universal question we get whenever we install a DVF Series 5-axis vertical machining center on the floor of one of our customers:

“Why didn’t we do this sooner? ASDFJKLKSDL;;ADF” (We did our best to transcribe that illegible grunt of frustration they all make)

For the record, we completely understand the frustration. It’s all too easy to get used to doing things a certain way, and to be content with your current surface finishes, cycle times and ever-so-slight inaccuracies.

But when you welcome a machine like the DVF to your shop, you see things in a new light, and you instantly know that you’ll never go back to machining like you used to.

If you’re sniffing around for a 5-axis CNC machine that backs up its boasts, here’s everything you need to know about the DVF Series.

1. You won’t find better 5-axis performance-per-dollar.

DN Solutions has built a reputation for producing machines that work just as hard as the world’s cream of the crop, and all that accuracy, strength and reliability comes at a much more wallet-friendly sticker price.

Combine those two factors (and our unbeatable support before, during and after the sale) and you’re officially stretching each dollar farther than you will anywhere else. It’s a recipe for sustained profitability.

2. It lives for part complexity.

Parts with immense detail and jaw-dropping curvature are lovingly crafted by the DVF . Industries that demand the quick and accurate production of complex parts (looking at you, aerospace) come away happy with their DVF-made parts time after time.


3. The family keeps growing.

For a while, the DVF 5000, DVF 6500 and DVF 8000 were the trio. Then the DVF 8000T (and its added turning capability) hopped aboard, as did the ultra-compact and just-as-productive DVF 4000.

For now, the DVF is a powerful and productive family of five, but like many DN Solutions machine families, this one isn’t done yet.


4. Who you buy from matters.

No two machine tool distributors are alike, but when you partner with us at Ellison, you’re working with a team that actually does put your success first. It’s not entirely selfless, either. Because when you win, we do too.

That means hooking you up with the perfect machine for your application, pairing it with all the options and features you need and staying by your side after the sale with strong support and service. We shout MAKE MORE for a reason. When you work with us, it’s exactly what you’ll do.

5. It has your shop's future in mind.

A lot of things about the DVF Series were thoughtfully considered in the design phase to ensure that it’s the right 5-axis machining center for your facility years and decades down the road.

Its ergonomics make it a breeze for operators to use. Universally, machinists we’ve talked to adore this machine.

It comes with an automation-ready framework, becoming instant best buds with the lights out solution we place alongside it.

And of course, floor space in your shop doesn’t grow on trees. Each machine in the DVF family—including the big and bad 8000 and 8000T—pack it all into a compact footprint that conserves space and scooches over for future machine purchases.

Did you just say “scooches” in a blog about 5-axis machines?

Appears we did. It felt right at the time.

Anyway, if you aren’t convinced yet, your next step is to do what the many DVF users did: dive into videos, and talk to shops who use DN Solutions and use the DVF.

As always, all of us at Ellison will be here too. Whether you have questions, want a quote or are just ready to pull the trigger, say the word.

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