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This brand is only available in Illinois and Central.

Shop Floor CMMs (Production Measure Machines)


Built with a vibration dampening structure and variable workpiece base, the ZEISS CenterMax can be directly integrated into the production line and ideal for automated loading. The CenterMax can withstand temperatures from +15°C to +40°C (15°F to 104°F), utilizes a navigator technology package for automatic generation of ideal measuring strategies, and comes equipped with ZEISS’ VAST performance kit with FlyScan and QuickChange.


The ZEISS DuraMax Shop Floor CMM is ideal for eliminating the need for fixed gauges. Utilizing ZEISS’ VAST XXT scanning sensor, the DuraMax can capture contours and freeform surfaces. The DuraMax is compatible in a diverse range of environments being able to withstand +18°C to +30°C (64.4°F to 86°F) temperatures, does not require compressed air, utilizes a space-saving design, has integrated passive dampening, four-sided load access, and completely encased guideways.


The ZEISS GageMax Shop Floor CMM is designed to be implemented directly into production and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations and ground vibration. Additionally, the GageMax can measure unknown curves and freeform active scanning.