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This brand is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, and Southeast.

PUMA VT Series


Featuring the PUMA VT series’ characteristic boxways that reduce vibration, promote better tool life, and provide unparalleled surface finishes, the VT 450 combines a compact design with a full 450 mm (17.7”) Z-axis travel. Able to handle up to a 12” chuck, this turning center also features programmable high-low chucking pressure for high-productivity.


Machine Model Unit PUMA VT 450
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 450 (17.72)
Max Turning Length class 450 Class
Standard Chuck Size mm (in) 307.8 (12)
Max Spindle Speed r/min 2,5000
Max Spindle Motor Power kW 22

Available configurations: 450, 450M (Milling), 4502SP (twin spindle), 450 M2SP (Milling, Twin Spindle).

Puma VT 750

The medium-sized turning center in the Puma VT series, the VT 750 boasts the series’ distinctive heavy-duty spindle supported by a double row of tapered roller bearings and the angular thrust bearings provide tremendous radial load capability.


Machine Model Unit DNM 400 II
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 720 (28.37)
Max Turning Length class 750 Class
Standard Chuck Size mm (in) 381 (15)
Max Spindle Speed r/min 2,000
Max Spindle Motor Power kW 30

Available specifications: VT 750, VT 750M (Milling), VT 7502SP (Twin Spindle), VT 750M2SP (Milling, Twin Spindle).

Puma VT 900

With a 60.3 HP (45 kW) spindle motor capable of  1,800 RPM, the Puma VT 900 provides the muscle necessary to power any production line.  Its ample X/Z axis travel capacity offers the flexibility to take on larger workpieces. Combined with the VT series’ advanced design, the robust column construction and the flexible chip conveyor make the VT 900 a fast, reliable turning solution.


Machine Model Unit VT 900 VT 900 2SP
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 900 (35.43)
Max Turning Length mm (in) 850 (33.46)
Spindle Speed r/min 1,800
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 470 (18.5)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 850 (33.46)
Rapid Traverse X-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
Number of Tools Std (Opt) 12 12 (+12)
Turning Tool Shank Size mm (in) 32 (1.25)
Boring Bar Diameter mm (in) 80 (3.0)

Available configurations: Puma VT 900, Puma VT 900SP, Puma VT 900M/SP (Milling or Twin Spindle)

Puma VT 1100

The VT 1100 sets a new standard for high productivity, speed, and precision in the vertical turning world. Designed for long-term accuracy in heavy cutting conditions, the VT 1100 provides a big punch in a small package. This compact machine handles up to a 40 inch chuck, all the while eating through materials, moving at a rapid 787 IPM traverse rate and disposing of chips with its flexible chip conveyer.


Machine Model Unit VT 1100 VT 1100M
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 1,100 (43.3)
Max Working Length mm (in) 1,000 (39.37) / 970 (38.2)
Spindle Speed r/min 5 - 850
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 580 (22.8)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 1,000 (39.37)
Rapid Traverse X-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
No. Tool Stations Std. 12
Turning Tool Shank Size mm (in) 32 (1.25)
Boring Bar Diameter mm (in) 80 (3.0)
Rotating Tool Speed r/min - 3,000
Min Programmable Angle deg. - 0.001
Rapid Traverse - Index r/min - 15

Available configurations: VT 1100, VT 1100M (Milling capable)