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This brand currently is only available in Other, North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Michigan, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, Southeast, and Canada.

The ZVH MULTIPROCESS Series minimizes the amount of machines required and reduces the machining times of complex pieces. Designed with up-to-date groundbreaking and unstoppable technology, the ZVH MULTIPROCESS sets milestones in the machining industry and raises the bar of its users over their competitors. The multiprocess efficiencies improve the quality of the final piece requiring fewer machines and set ups, reducing the cost of the initial investment as well as the floor space required, eliminating transit times of pieces moving between machines and simplifies the production management. This machining center features 5-axis machining, mill turn, and lathe machining capabilities.

The ZVH EXTREME features the most advanced technology in the market built with fixed table and moving column machining capabilities. The tooling head offers X, Y, Z, and 105 degree rotating B-axis movement and direct axis measuring powered by torque motor transmission delivers extraordinary dynamic movement, automatic collision recovery, and maximum precision in positioning and repeatability. The high torque tool holding allows live and static tooling with the ability to alternate between two separate machining operations utilizing the lathe mounting, fixed table, or horizontal rotating table for enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the machining area features two separate enclosed work spaces to allow human contact with one of the machining areas while the other is in use.

Designed and built specifically to meet the customer’s needs, the ZV EXTREME vertical machining center utilizes fully enclosed work area with high RPM machining capabilities. The ZV EXTREME features 12,000 and 24,000 RPM spindle models with dynamic positioning and high acceleration X, Y, and Z axis movement. The machining area is completely encapsulated to maximize comfort and safety with interior vertical protection up to the roof of the X-axis for optimized chip and coolant evacuation. The automatic tool changer is housed and executed outside of the machining area free from volatile chips.

The ZV CLASSIC vertical machining center features a fixed table and moving column with a vertical spindle. The main spindle is equipped with heavy duty bearings to ensure maximum rigidity and material removing capacity. The belt and pulley transmission offers medium speed ranges with very high reliability. Given the title “CLASSIC” for being the most similar to the original ZV model launched in 1986 featuring timeless fundamental concepts that have not been modified such as cast iron built moving structures for optimal stability.