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Don’t neglect your coolant tank!

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Don’t neglect your coolant tank!

Besides changing batteries yearly and performing routine memory back-up, cleaning the CNC coolant tank is one of the most overlooked tasks that can prevent expensive service issues. And when we say cleaning the coolant tank we don’t mean draining and refilling it. Take the time to take the whole tank out, drain it, scrape it clean, and then refill it. There is a lot of sludge build-up in that tank, and if not addressed properly it can damage the pump, or even worse – contaminate the whole system, even the spindle.

We recommend cleaning the coolant tank twice a year, but if that is not feasible in your shop, do it at least once a year. This will also lead to more accurate coolant concentration readings, which should be performed every week.

Perform the recommended service maintenance as outlined in the service and operation manual and you will ensure optimal machine performance.

If you have any questions on what maintenance needs to be done on your CNC machine or would like to schedule preventive maintenance, call our service department: (866) 576-1125.

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