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Few Industries Are More Important Than Agriculture.

In some ways, the manufacturing and agriculture sectors are in a similar position. Both are paramount to the health and success of America and the world, and both are facing consistent human migration away from the sector.

According to projections, the decades to come will have less acreage of farmland and fewer workers to tend the land. Meanwhile, the population will continue to increase. So , it’s plain to see that the agriculture industry will rely on the highest levels of efficiency and productivity going forward.

Speaking of efficiency and productivity, this is where Ellison Technologies comes in. Our nationwide footprint of CNC machine tool distribution attunes us to every industry in the United States, and that certainly includes agriculture. We know the challenges that come with doing more work with fewer people to do it, and we’re ready to help your shop—and your agriculture customers—solve the challenge.

Whether you’re new to CNC machining for the agriculture industry or you’re well-versed in making precision parts for the sector, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Fewer farmers means more equipment.

As mentioned above, there is more agricultural output being done by fewer farmers. This is leading to the increased mechanization of farms, and forecasted growth for the remainder of the decade in key agricultural equipment categories. Get ready to ramp up production as equipment OEMs need more machined components to fill orders.

Today’s farmer craves efficiency.

Throw away any stereotypes you carry about luddites who are disconnected from the outside world. Modern farmers embrace any technology and data that lets them make wise decisions on what to plant and how to fertilize. Their equipment is rapidly evolving to meet these needs, and OEMs are looking for advanced CNC machine shops to help them deliver.

New powertrains.

There’s no getting around it: agriculture uses lots of diesel fuel in crop production. But manufacturers of off-highway engines are rapidly deploying new alternatives, including biofuels, hybrid powertrains, and even fully electric options. Regulatory pressure as well as government incentives are accelerating this trend, and opportunities for smart CNC shops to help provide components for these powertrains abound.

It’s vital to be prepared to take advantage of current opportunities and ready your business for the future. First, invest in the right machining technology. In the agriculture industry, the right machine tools and processes make machine shops soar. When you’re adding new equipment, don’t just look at increasing your capacity, but augment your shop floor with machines that can help you maintain flexibility and increase output while not dramatically increasing the need for new staff in this challenging hiring market.

Second, partner with companies that have plowed these fields before. Consider this a fairly obvious plug for Ellison Technologies. We’ve been around since 1955 and have a long track record in helping the agriculture industry achieve its goals. We work with our carefully cultivated list of vendor partners to bring tailored agriculture machining technology and turnkey solutions to your shop floor. Ellison has offices in 16 cities staffed with applications engineers that are ready to help you Make More.

You’ve Heard of Farm-To-Table. This is Table-To-Farm.

The agriculture industry needs machined parts that stand the test of time, and strong parts require rigid machines. Here is a sample of a few applications and the technology that we provide our customers to help make them, as well as some additional considerations to keep in mind.



  • Get efficiency and accuracy you can count on
  • Boost shop-wide capabilities
  • Implement top-shelf automation
  • Enjoy 24/7 lights out productivity
  • Grow revenue and reputation steadily over time

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Machines that Make More

The right machine tools make the difference between profit and loss in agriculture machining applications. From our roster of hundreds of different machines, here are some that have consistently made the difference for our customers serving the agriculture industry.

Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: automation-ready linear guide mills
  • Built for massive metal removal, the compact NHP horizontal machining centers feature rigid structures, powerful spindles, and an unbeatable array of standard features. Available with 400mm (15.7”), 500mm (19.7”), 630mm (24.8”), and 800mm (31.5”) pallets, these machines can single-handedly change your business.

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DN Solutions NHP 5500 CNC machining center

Turning Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: fully loaded lathes for single-setup efficiency
  • If you make complex parts out of tough-to-machine materials, then you need to meet this machine. Featuring twin spindles and a powerful turret with Y-axis, these rigid boxway turning centers boost productivity and profitability for a wide range of agricultural parts.

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DN Solutions Puma 2600SYii turning center

Vertical Machining Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: a VMC series with something for everyone
  • This popular vertical machining center is available in a huge range of sizes: from XYZ travels of 520 x 400 x 480mm (20.5” x 15.7” x 18.9”) to 2,160 x 762 x 650mm (85.0” x 30.0” x 25.6”). Items that are optional on VMCs are standard on the DNM, including BIG-PLUS spindles, through spindle coolant, and dual-screw chip augers.

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DN Solutions DNM 5700 CNC vertical machining center

Multitasking Machines

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: flexible mill-turn machines for complex parts
  • These roller linear guideway machines offer 7-axis productivity to make complex agriculture components in one set up. The B-axis milling spindle, lower turret and ATC that holds up to 80 tools will give your shop the firepower to machine a comprehensive array of parts.

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DN Solutions Puma 2100ST cnc multitasking machine

Turning Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: twin-spindle, twin-turret lathes for maximum productivity
  • The TT series machines pack an amazing level of machining performance into a compact footprint. Offered in chuck sizes ranging from 5” to 12”, the twin spindles and 24 tool positions in each of the upper and lower turrets make simultaneous machining a breeze.

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DN Solutions Puma TT 1800SY CNC turning center

Vertical Turning Centers

  • Manufacturer: DN Solutions
  • Key takeaway: massive lathes for massive parts
  • DN Solutions offers several series of vertical turning centers built for a wide range of large agricultural turning applications. Able to handle parts up to 2 meters (78.7”) in diameter, these rigid machines boast spindles with up to 38,000 Nm (28,000 ft-lb) of torque. These machines have so much power, “heavy duty” is an understatement.

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DN Solutions Puma VT1100 vertical turning center