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CNC Milling Machines

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Reasons to Upgrade to a CNC Milling Machine and Practical Applications

Doosan Puma milling machine

CNC milling machines revolutionize the manufacturing process:

  • Computer controlled milling machines provide greater precision than manual machines and are consistently repeatable across multiple production jobs
  • It is possible to achieve identical parts continuously
  • Once a CNC milling machine is programmed, it requires very little supervision
  • Easy to operate

Doosan's Premier CNC Milling Machines Provide High Quality Performance

Ellison Technologies is the proud distributor of Doosan machine tools.  Among the premier CNC milling machines available today is Doosan's horizontal Lynx Series and the vertical Puma V Series. The key features that make Doosan's CNC milling machines the best in the industry are: high level of accuracy, fast operating speeds, powerful spindles, the ability to stay thermally stable with rigorous use, ergonomically friendly interfaces, eco friendly attributes, reliability of the machines, flexible configurations, and superior rigidity. Both the Lynx and the Puma V Series by Doosan are offered by Ellison Technologies.

Industries Using CNC Milling Machines for Manufacturing

  • Aerospace - Thousands of parts are created using CNC milling machines for the airline industry including: airline engine governors, hydraulic manifolds, fuel bodies and transmissions, landing struts, aircraft structures, and more.
  • Automotive - Automotive parts are created by CNC milling machines for OEM and aftermarket parts. Some of which include: engine cylinder heads, aluminum drive housings, flywheels, engine blocks, piston rods, wheels, water pumps, and many more.
  • Agriculture - The farm equipment industry relies heavily on parts created by CNC milling machines, including transmissions, gearbox cases, transmission housings, cast parts, and differential cases.
  • Construction - Tools used in the construction industry have precision parts created by CNC milling machines.
  • Energy Sector - Many small and large industries within the energy sector rely on CNC milling machines for parts. Some include: gasoline pump handles, gears for wind power, housings, valves, and much more.
  • Medical - The medical field uses CNC milling machines to build customized precision parts such as prosthetic knee and hip replacement joints, mold cavities and cores, specialized tools and equipment for surgery, and more.
  • Military and Defense - Many precision parts used by the military are made on CNC milling machines: firearm bodies and slides, pistol locking devices, gun components, optics housings, sights for firearms, and more.
  • Electronics - CNC milling machines are capable of producing millions of different parts: anywhere from main frames, cell phone parts, television components, light fixtures, car parts, and much more are created by CNC milling machines.

Choose Ellison Technologies for Your CNC Milling Machines

We are the largest distributor for Doosan in North America. We work with you to design the CNC milling machine configurations you need to take your manufacturing production to the next level for optimal results.

Why People Purchase their CNC Milling Machines from Us:

Engineering Services

  • Applications engineers help with your manufacturing processes
  • Improved spindle operations & optimization of set-up process
  • Preventative machine maintenance
  • Single-source turnkey project implementation


  • Operator Training - On-site and off-site
  • CNC Programming

Turnkey Solutions

  • Process development and prove out
  • Advanced engineering solutions take you from concept to finished products
  • Be in full production starting on the day of system acceptance
  • Part programming and system runoff


  • In-house customized financing services for investment leasing


  • Certified project management
  • Factory layout
  • Concept engineering
  • Audit performance of existing equipment
  • Robotic simulation
  • Robot preventive maintenance
  • Offline programming
  • Your one source for turnkey application & robotic integration

Doosan Parts Department

  • Our parts team will help you pinpoint the parts you need while quickly providing pricing and lead-time.

2 Year Limited Warranty

  • 2 year warranty on machine parts
  • 2 year FANUC warranty
  • 1 year labor warranty

Our mission is to equip manufacturers to compete and win, both locally and globally. We are committed to the survival and growth of the manufacturing industry. Today our customers face unprecedented competitive pressures to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. We understand that for our customers to be successful it's not just about the machines.

Our goal is to optimize throughput and quality at the lowest per part manufacturing cost regardless if the solution involves a stand-alone machine, multi-process equipment, or an integrated manufacturing system with robotic automation.

With an extensive support staff of over 300 employees and 16 operations across the USA, Ellison Technologies is the largest machine tool distributor in North America.

Our team specializes in equipment, automation, and project management. They are dedicated to helping you get the most from your technology investments.

Our staff - sales, service, and engineers - works together to offer the best solutions for your business through the integration of manufacturing technologies. Check out our website to view our product offerings, videos, case studies and more information about the machines featured in our comprehensive product line and manufacturing solutions.

Contact Ellison Technologies today at 866-567-2580 or by email at to discuss the different types of Doosan Horizontal Milling Machines available for your production needs.