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This brand currently is only available in Other, North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Michigan, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, Southeast, and Canada.

Multitasking, five axis, and mil turn horizontal machining all in one. The T MULTIPROCESS machining center integrates multiple machining processes to create a high performance and incredibly efficient machine with bigger and more complex clamping capabilities to handle anything you throw at it. Utilizing advanced machining technology including unbalanced weight compensation makes set up faster and easier. Automate your processes even further with automated pallet changes and multiple larger tool magazines.

Why limit your options when you can have up to two tooling heads for optimal dynamic machining? The T EXTREME features a B-axis head option with a 45 degree turning angle and an A-axis head option able to work negative angles for those hard to reach places. Both heads are powered with the direct transmission torque motor avoiding backlash issues and guaranteeing quick movement, high accuracy, and minimal maintenance and repairs in the event of collisions. With the T EXTREME’s five axis machining capabilities, it is ideal for medium to big swing diameters with high performance and versatility. Do more with less set-up time and reduced machining stops utilizing the two alternating pallets.