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We offer grinding machines to be used in any industry for manufacturing, sharpening cutting tools, and pre-finishing machined parts. Whether it’s surface or profile, cylindrical, centerless, or tool grinding, we have the right machine to fit your needs

United Grinding is one of the leading providers of precision grinding machines including: surface and profile grinding, cylindrical ID and OD grinding, and tool grinding.

The electrically and hydraulically controlled universal cylindrical grinding machines of the STUDER brand remain the ever popular choice for grinding single pieces to mass production.

When looking for profile machining, take a look at the high-performance machining list UNITED GRINDING has to offer. This outstanding lineup is engineered to provide production of single work pieces or batch production with ease and confidence.

Founded in Japan in 1950, NTC today has facilities across Asia, North and South America, and Europe. NTC’s full line-up is engineered and built in Japan for long-lasting, trouble-free operation. NTC is a global leader in Grinding Machines, Crankshaft Millers, Machining Centers, Transfer Machines and Wire Cutting Saws. It is the premier supplier for machine shops specializing in aftermarket parts and prototypes to large automotive manufacturers. Customer satisfaction, durability, quality and environmentally-friendly manufacturing is NTC’s focus in surpassing expectations and making it better.

NTC grinding machines range from large to highly compact machines while maintaining the best accuracy, productivity and rigidity. This lineup enables users to configure a line suitable for machining prototypes, crank cams and other crucial components.

Through intelligence and appeal, Okamoto has a large variety of basic to highly sophisticated grinding machinery for your choice of hand-feed types to highly intelligent capacity machines.


The classic and fully-automated Centerless Grinding systems by Okamoto are ideal for performing all your Centerless OD grinding projects. With a comprehensive assortment of special equipment available for the fully-automated level, these Centerless OD Grinding machines are ready to go to work.


Tackling each project with care and accuracy, the Okamoto Cylindrical Grinders line offers exceptional productivity with clean and simple operation. From MDI control to CNC options, you are sure to find a machine to suit your needs and specific requirements.

Surface Grinding

Okamoto offers a wide selection of surface grinders to fit into any job shop, mold shop or even your large company’s maintenance department. Equipped with precision, strength and versatility, Okamoto displays small hand-feed types to extra large capacity machines. Not to mention their secret weapon—the ultra-high precision UPZ and UPR Grinders, which set a new level of standard and precision to the industry. The Okamoto brand has a solid list of models to help you in all your grinding categories, which include Saddle Grinders, Column, Double Column, Profile and Rotary.


Schutte CNC Tool & Production Grinding Machines. The Grinders are designed for both manufacturing and regrinding of rotational and non-rotational Metal Cutting and Wood Working Tools.