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This brand currently is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Indiana, Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, and California - Southern.

The High Efficiency Machine (HEM) line from GF Machining Solutions offers universal 5-axis machining capabilities to allow the user to do more in less time. Designed with flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in mind, the HSM line incorporates machining technology and structural features to maximize rigidity and precision without sacrificing speed.

The HPM line from GF Machining Solutions is built to handle anything you throw at it. Rather than maximizing speed, the MILL P, HPM, and UCP series are designed to maximize precision and material removal volume when machining the tough metals. High spindle power and torque, 5-axis machining, and automated pallet and tool magazines are meshed together to bring you a machine capable handling the toughest parts.

The HSM series machines are built with high-speed spindles, high feed rates, rapid acceleration, and 5 axis machining capabilities designed for manufacturing a wide range of complex die and mold parts.