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+GF+ Machining Solutions is a machine tool provider of high quality milling, EDM and laser surfacing machines tools. The technologies incorporated in their EDM products reduce electrode wear, allow for fast removal rates and mirror finishes. Its vast range of Vertical 3 and 5-axis machining centers excels in high speed, high performance and high efficiency. Ellison is the exclusive distributor for GF Machining Solutions products in ONLY the following states: CA, IA, IN, KY, OR, MN, ND, NV, SD, WA, WI, Southern Ohio and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

High Efficiency Machine: Mikron MILL E Series

Highly efficient, universal 5-axis capabilities with intelligent features to maximize performance.

High Performance Machine: Mikron HPM/MILL P Series

3, 4, and universal 5-axis capabilities enhanced for performance on heavy duty machining.