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Increasing Profitability and Productivity with the Doosan PUMA TT

Diversified Fittings was founded in 1997 by company President, Craig Cogar, in Perry, Ohio. 95% of Diversified Fitting’s machined parts consist of hydraulic fittings in a wide range of sizes made from stainless, brass, aluminum, Hastelloy, and other high-performance alloys. To continue their success in delivering high-quality parts with quick delivery times, Diversified employed the help of Doosan Machine Tool’s PUMA TT1800SY multi-turret, horizontal turning center.

The Doosan Difference

Diversified acquired their first Doosan Lynx 220 in 2005 based on their reputation, reliability, and affordability. With a mix of other Doosan’s in their shop, including the DNM 400, DNM 4500 and Lynx 220 LC, and satisfied with their performance, Diversified sought after a machine that would take their productivity further.

In 2020 and 2021 Diversified acquired a total of two Doosan PUMA TT1800SY’s equipped with an 8” chuck main and sub-spindle, dual 12-station tool turrets, Y-axis capabilities, and up to 9.1” turning diameter. With the PUMA TT’s, Diversified experienced at least 30% cycle time improvement on all their parts with the ability to machine done-in-one complex parts and reducing the number of operations and part handling.

“We previously ran parts in three operations, but they’re now done in one on the TTs. The parts are beautiful, and we get a lot more peace of mind. After all, the more you handle a part, the more likely it is something will go wrong.” – Craig Cogar, Diversified Fittings

The Ellison Experience

Diversified has worked with the Ellison Cleveland team for nearly 20 years benefiting from the full-service support including machine service, applications engineering, and parts replacement.

“They do a great job with service, and their engineering support helps us figure out how to shave seconds off applications.” – Craig Cogar, Diversified Fittings

Combining the reliability of Doosan and the support from the Ellison team made choosing the PUMA TT an easy choice.

“We have owned other brands of machine tools in the past. When we compare reliability, performance, accuracy, and value coupled with the support from Ellison, there is no comparison to Doosan. That is why we are 100% sold on them.” – Craig Cogar, Diversified Fittings

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