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Go From 3-Axis To 5-Axis And Shred Cycle Times

“My team can’t handle 5-axis.”

We run into those words a lot in our business. But truthfully, if you can handle 3-axis machining, you can also handle 5. And the benefits of making the jump are eye-popping.

  • With single setups as opposed to multiple, you get accuracy and efficiency boosts
  • With 5-sided, 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining, you gain flexibility and make more complex parts
  • And with more work being done faster in a smaller footprint, your return on investment can be business-shifting

Whether you want to grow your aerospace, medical or energy business, make parts with complex and angled features, or you simply think you should be making better parts in less time, 5-axis and 5-sided machining is a wise route to take. And with the Doosan DVF Series and Ellison expertise, you’re covered from all sides as you get started.

The DVF difference

Doosan has been in the 5-axis game for some time, and the DVF Series of vertical machining centers is the best yet, on par with the best 5-axis machines in the world. It’s a byproduct of some of the things Doosan does best: intense R&D that drives improvement and market-driven design that gives machine shops exactly what they need.

There are a lot of features in the DVF that come standard with the purchase price. If you want similar features from a competing machine, you’ll typically have to pay extra—if you can even get them at all.

Some of the features that come standard in the DVF include a built-in motor designed 18,000 RPM spindle with a CAT40 BIG-PLUS tool shank, coolant thru spindle and air thru spindle, built-in spindle drive and linear rotary scales on all 5 axes.

Sample vertical machining application: 3-axis vs 5-axis

If you need to machine a part with five sides, you’ll need more than 5 setups to complete it on a 3-axis machine—plus, it may require special tooling, like right angle heads and angled sub-plates. With 5-axis, you can get it done in a single setup.

With the 5-axis DVF Series, you’ll only need one machine (and one operator) instead of two. Total operation time is drastically minimized, and you’re making more parts and more profits.

More efficiency, more accuracy and better ROI. Not only do you make better parts faster when you switch to the single setup lifestyle, but you free up other machines and operators to work on additional projects.

The Ellison difference

There’s a learning curve when getting started in 5-axis machining. Thankfully, the team at Ellison Technologies serves as an extension of your own team. Whether you need a question answered, control and programming training, or a person to collaborate with, our engineering teams and BlueChip Advanced Manufacturing Group have the knowledge and availability to help you achieve your goals.

Talk to our team today about the DVF Series. It’s a first step that takes minutes, and it can have a lasting impact on the way you do business.