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Beat the Heat!

If you are embarking on a long road trip, you check your tire pressure, change the oil and do all the little things to ensure a safe journey. Apply the same concepts when embarking on your machining voyage through the summer months.

Excessive heat can cause electrical components to overload and fail. This is especially true and more likely to occur in the summer months. Improper air exchange and clogged air filters restrict air flow into the electrical cabinet. This increase in temperature may lead to board and electric component failure.

Avoid having to replace electrical boards and other expensive components by adopting a simple and inexpensive solution. Have your maintenance crew replace or wash the filters and clean the air exchange fans. A simple PM will keep your CNC machine running longer and more efficiently. Our parts department can help you locate the correct part numbers and order the filters for you. If you are shorthanded, our service teams can perform these services.

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Oil Chillers are one of the most critical components in many machine and spindle applications. Commonly overlooked, it is important to follow a regular preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that your unit is performing at the manufacturer and OEM designed specifications. Doing so will help avoid expensive repairs and extended periods of down machines.

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