Preventative Maintenance

Our Service Engineers can design a preventive maintenance program tailored to your specific machining solution and production environment.  These programs are designed to maximize the amount of time equipment is available for processing parts, and to ensure that machines continuously operate at capability specifications for accuracy and repeatability.

Engineers will work with company personnel to develop an appropriate schedule for the periodic maintenance of each machine.  Mean-time-to-failure statistics support recommendations for stocking critical spare parts, as well as consumable and high wear parts to be replaced as a preventive measure during periodic maintenance.  Diagnostics such as ball bar testing are used to identify performance trends predictive of down time or process quality concerns.

The best approach to dealing with unplanned downtime is to avoid it in the first place through the application of a preventive maintenance strategy.  Of course some unplanned down time is inevitable, but customers who have successfully maintained a preventive maintenance program report having saved $millions of dollars in found capacity without adding additional machines.  Ask one of our engineers what a preventive maintenance program would mean to your manufacturing capacity and profitability.

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