Horizontal Machining Centers

We carry the machine tool industry’s strongest line of Horizontal Machining Centers from boasting extremely short idle times, blazing accel/decel rates, fast tool change times, tight tolerance holding capability, stellar metal cutting performance and the highest level of reliability.  Please consult with us and let us show you why your next VMC just might be an HMC.

Designed with smooth transitions, larger working areas and simplicity in mind, DMG MORI USA offers a wide-array of machining centers for mass production and extended unmanned operations on all levels of production. Their lines of machines feature state-of-the-art technology for proven results, a wide-range of sizes, center distances and specification variations to suit all your machining needs.
The exciting array of the DIXI Machines offer quality and reliability at its finest. Working with industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and machinery, the DIXI line stays faithful to their motto of creating cutting edge technology to suit several fields.
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