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CNC Machine Tools

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What Types of CNC Machine Tools Are Right for Your Business?

Ellison Technologies offers a wide array of CNC machine tools to fulfill all your manufacturing needs. We are the proud distributor of Doosan machine tools. With our extensive list of support services, we can help you invest in the proper solutions to optimize your manufacturing capabilities. Our goal is to ensure that your capital investment makes you more profitable and more efficient so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Doosan Puma series machine tool

    Turning Centers

    - A Turning center, also known as a lathe, is a type of machine that holds a cylindrical, tube like, workpiece at one or both ends and rotates it while cutting tools shave off layers of material. Lathes produce cylindrical shaped parts, which typically have straight sides and circular ends. Lathes can produce a wide variety of parts, including complex parts with close tolerances or specifications. There are two types of Turning Centers: Vertical Turning Lathes and Horizontal Turning Lathes. While the Horizontal Lathe is more commonly used, sometimes it is necessary to use a Vertical Lathe for larger, heavier work pieces or floorspace constraints. The only difference between the two lathes is the angle at which the material is cut.


  • Turn Mill Centers

    - Turn Mill Centers offer the benefits of both milling and turning in one machining center for optimal results. This type of CNC machine tool has many benefits because it merges multiple operations. For example, it reduces setup time, cuts down on operation time, and increases the quality of the part.


  • Tsugami BW12 turning machine

    Swiss Style Turning

    s - Swiss Style Turning machines are perfect for fast, high-production components that vary in size, from small complex parts to long parts that are normally too difficult to machine in a standard turning center. Swiss Style Turning machines are extremely accurate because the material is fed through the guide bushing where it is more rigid, providing a stable platform for fast cycle times and producing intricate workpieces. These machines are commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries to produce high-precision parts with tight tolerances.


  • Bridge Mills & Gantry Machines

    - These operate in a similar fashion as vertical machining center machines do. The only difference is that they are bigger and produce extremely large parts such as automobile frames and airplane wings.


  • Metrology Machines

    - Metrology machines use advanced 3-D software to inspect the accuracy of machined parts in order to achieve strict tolerances. By ensuring that the tolerances have been met, the number of rejected parts is reduced, which contributes to a decrease of unnecessary operating expenditures.


  • Doosan VC630 5-axis machine tool

    5-Axis Machines

    - 5-axis machines are able to move in different directions on five axes simultaneously, or with a 4+1 or 3+2 set up. While this capability increases efficiency, it also leads to reduced set-up times of complex parts, fewer errors and quicker production times.

Ellison Technologies is the largest machine tool distributor in the North America. We have 16 operations across the U.S. with over 300 employees. Here is a list of the benefits our customers receive:

Engineering Services

  • Applications engineers help with your manufacturing processes
  • Improved spindle operations & optimization of set-up process
  • Preventative machine maintenance
  • Single-source turnkey project implementation


  • Operator Training - On-site and off-site
  • CNC Programming

Turnkey Solutions

  • Process development and prove out
  • Advanced engineering solutions take you from concept to finished products
  • Be in full production starting on the day of system acceptance
  • Part programming and system runoff


  • In-house customized financing services for investment leasing


  • Certified project management
  • Factory layout
  • Concept engineering
  • Audit performance of existing equipment
  • Robotic simulation
  • Robot preventive maintenance
  • Offline programming
  • Your one source for turnkey application & robotic integration

Parts Department

  • Our parts team will help you pinpoint the parts you need while quickly providing pricing and lead-time.

2 Year Limited Warranty

  • 2 year warranty on machine parts
  • 2 year FANUC warranty
  • 1 year labor warranty

Our team of engineers and project management professionals are dedicated to helping manufacturers get the most from their technology investments.

Our mission is to equip manufacturers to compete and win, both locally and globally. We are committed to the survival and growth of the manufacturing industry. Today our customers face unprecedented competitive pressures to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. We understand that for our customers to be successful it's not just about the machines.

Whether the solution involves a stand-alone machine, multi-process equipment, or an integrated manufacturing system with robotic automation, our goal remains the same; to optimize throughput and quality at the lowest per-part manufacturing cost.

Our staff of sales, service and applications engineers collaborate to offer the best solution to the customer through the integration of manufacturing technologies. Our site offers product videos, case studies and information about the machines featured in our full product line offerings and automation solutions.

Contact Ellison Technologies today at 866-567-2580 or by email at to discuss the different types of CNC machine tools and which ones are right for your business and production needs.