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The Truth About Cobots: Debunking Common Misconceptions in Metal-Cutting Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of metal-cutting manufacturing, there are prevailing misconceptions that often overshadow the remarkable capabilities of Cobots. Let's delve into these misconceptions and unveil the truth behind the prowess of Doosan Robotics Cobots in revolutionizing machine tending.

Myth: Cobots Lack Repeatability for Machine Tending

Fact: Unparalleled Precision at Your Fingertips

Contrary to popular belief, Doosan Robotics Cobots are not just another robotic arm; they are precision engineering marvels. These cobots boast an astonishing repeatability down to +/- 0.03mm, setting a new standard in the industry. The incorporation of advanced features like force and compliance ensures not just precision but consistent and accurate part loading with every operation. Manufacturers can rely on Doosan Robotics Cobots to deliver impeccable results, eliminating the misconception of inadequacy in repeatability.

Myth: Establishing communication between a machine tool and Cobots can be a complicated process

Fact: Streamlined Connectivity with DN Solutions and Doosan Robotics Cobots

Gone are the days of convoluted communication setups. The latest DN Solutions machines feature an uncomplicated Ethernet IP interface that redefines simplicity. With just one Ethernet connection, manufacturers can establish a direct and seamless connection between the machine tool and Doosan Robotics Cobots. This streamlined connectivity not only reduces setup time but also dispels the misconception that integrating these technologies is a complex endeavor.

Myth: Automation in Machine Tending is Only Fit for Low Mix High Volume Setups

Fact: High Mix, Low Volume? No Problem!

Collaborating with Ellison, Doosan Robotics Cobots shatter another myth surrounding automation in machine tending. The partnership incorporates OnRobot's D'Ploy for CNC platform, making part setup and changeover effortlessly accessible, even in high mix, low volume scenarios. What's revolutionary is that no intricate robotic programming is required. This dispels the notion that automation is exclusive to high volume setups, opening doors for a new era in versatile and adaptable machine tending.

Myth: Running a Machining Process 24/7 Requires 3 Shifts and a Large Staff

Fact: Lights Out Manufacturing with Doosan Robotics Cobots

Doosan Robotics Cobots redefine the concept of lights-out manufacturing. Contrary to the belief that running a machining process continuously demands a large staff and multiple shifts, these cobots empower a streamlined workflow. By queuing up tasks efficiently, Doosan Robotics Cobots ensure that your manufacturing process runs seamlessly, even during non-working hours. No need for three shifts or an expansive staff; just return in the morning to find your parts precisely processed and ready for the next phase.

In conclusion, debunking these misconceptions surrounding Cobots reveals a revolutionary landscape in metal-cutting manufacturing. The precision, connectivity, adaptability, and lights-out capabilities of these Doosan Robotics cobots position them as industry leaders, dispelling any doubts about their efficacy.

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