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Time to replace your batteries!


An important message from your Ellison Technologies Service Manager

Every year customers struggle to get CNC machines back into production after the holidays due to loss of control information maintained by batteries.

Losing this information costs hours and sometimes days to get a machine running again. Recommended battery replacement frequency is once a year, however, battery voltage is drained most during power-off times, i.e. the holidays. Batteries not replaced within the past 6 months are more susceptible to failing to hold memory.

Prevention steps to be taken now:
• Backup all NC, Servo and PMM data
• Replace ALL system batteries
• Clean machines and leave the operator door
   open for airflow prior to shut-down

We understand the urgency of getting your equipment up and running, and operating at peak efficiency. Helping you get the most from your CNC machines is our priority. Our service team strives to fix problems faster so you pay less and reduce downtime.

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