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Ellison Technologies named Doosan Robotics' importer for machine tool distributors in U.S. and Mexico

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA – January 15, 2020. Ellison Technologies, Inc. has been named the U.S. and Mexico importer for Doosan Robotics through machine tool distribution. As an importer, Ellison Technologies will provide the sales and distribution of Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robots (cobots) throughout the entire United States and Mexico.

Doosan Robotics first generation of cobots was launched in 2018 and has since seen huge growth and recognition in all markets for its quality and human-level dexterity in automation. The Doosan cobots feature 6-axis articulation with torque sensors on all six joints, direct control cockpit, teach pendant, a payload range of up to 33.1 lbs., and a reach of up to 66.9 in.

“We’re excited about the productivity opportunities that the Doosan cobots offer,” said Graham Hooper, president and CEO of Ellison Technologies. “Collaborative automation delivers next-level technology to our customers that will ensure their global competitiveness.”

“We are very excited to work with Ellison Technologies, one of the most reputable engineering solution providers with strong sales network. Through this powerful combination of Doosan product and Ellison’s expertise, we look forward to serving the US market better in proximity to customers.” said Byungseo Lee, CEO of Doosan Robotics.

Doosan’s cobots can be applied in a wide range of manufacturing processes including: CNC machine tending, assembly, load/unload, polishing, deburring, inspection, packaging, and palletizing.

The Doosan Robotics and Ellison relationship began at Automate 2018 in Chicago. Since then the Doosan cobots have been featured in several of Ellison’s local automation and Industry 4.0 events, with additional events planned for 2020.

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