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ChipChat: VMC vs HMC Part 2

In June 2020, we covered why manufacturers should make the switch from vertical machining centers (VMC) to horizontal machining centers (HMC) in our ChipChat Webinar Series Episode: VMC vs HMC. For Part 2, Ellison Technologies’ VP of Operations, John Goes, and Sales Manager, Tony Burns, discusses how to turn your HMC into a money-making machine while answering questions regarding how easy it is to make the switch to HMC’s.

If you missed Part 1, be sure to watch the recorded webinar for a quick recap or use the link below to watch Part 1 in its entirety.

View VMC vs HMC Part 1

Switching to Horizontal Machining

At times making the switch to new technology can be intimidating. Many shops will find themselves asking:

  • Do I have to reprogram all my parts?
  • Can I find a postprocessor?
  • Can I use my existing tool holders & cutters?
  • Can I still use vices?
  • Who can help me integrate?

With the support from Ellison Technologies’ team of engineers, making the switch from VMC to HMC can be easy. The Ellison team will help you achieve all the benefits that come with HMC’s such as reduced setups, higher spindle utilization, and better throughput. John breaks down the ways HMC’s are an enabling technology that improves your productivity and answers the above questions regarding how to make the switch.

Enabling Productivity and Profitability

HMC’s enable shops to achieve more aggressive machining, larger ready-to-go work libraries, continuous and multi-job machining, minimized operator effort, unattended operation, and unmanned and lights-out operation. These benefits are accomplished by HMC’s robust frame, large tool magazines, pallet changers capabilities, probing & tool monitoring systems, and automated pallet systems. Additionally, HMC’s can bring your spindle utilization up to 85%, meaning the more your spindle is cutting, the more parts you are making, and with the more parts you make, the more money you will make. HMC’s are money-making machines.

View the recorded webinar to get all the answers on how to make the switch and how to MAKE MORE parts, time, and money with HMC’s.

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