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ChipChat: Is There a Cobot in My Future?

On April 21, 2020, Ellison Technologies launched its new webinar series, ChipChat, dedicated to helping manufacturers become more efficient and take their operations to the net level. The first webinar in the series, “Is There a Cobot in My Future?” presented by Jeff Lage, President of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, covers what a Cobot is, what are their benefits, and how they can help you MAKE MORE.

If you missed the webinar, continue reading and view the recording.

What is a Cobot?

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is an automated robotic arm capable of working hand-in-hand in close proximity with humans. Cobots deliver maximum safety, reliability, and productivity with flexibility and universal applicability.

Flexibility and Safety

Doosan Robotics is one of the leading developers of cobot technology offering a range of models with payload capacities up to 33 lbs. and reaches up to 66.9 inches. Built for easy operation, fast installation, transferability from machine to machine, and a wide variety of tables, storages, and end of arm tooling, the cobot delivers maximum flexibility for limitless applications. Additionally, Doosan Robotics’ cobots are unaffected by the age of the machine it’s tending, making it a true master of versatility.

Without requiring a safety cage, Doosan Robotics’ cobots feature torque sensors in all 6 joints with adjustable sensitivity for worker safety and collision protection, as well as a dedicated protected zone, collaborative workspace, selective collision detection zone, tool orientation restricted zone, and robot workspace.

How Can a Cobot Help My Organization?

Cobots are capable of functioning with the same flexibility and mobility as a human operator without the need for breaks, sick team, or vacations. With around the clock and lights out operations, cobots can automate tasks like machine tending, vision inspections, and deburring, while allowing your skilled and valuable team members the freedom to focus on building your business.

Customer Applications

As cobots are continuing to become more utilized in the world, we are seeing new and creative ways that our customers are integrating cobots into their process. Here are a some of the ways our customers MAKE MORE with their cobots:

  • Unattended Oil Industry Parts Production
    A customer manufacturing oil industry parts tasked a Doosan Robotics cobot to machine tend a Doosan Machine Tools TT1800SY horizontal turning center. Equipped with a workstation and part storage, the cobot cell was successful setup to operate and machine parts over the weekend unattended.
  • 3D Printed Grippers and Productivity
    With the flexibility of end of arm tooling, a customer designed and 3D printed a custom gripper for loading and unloading parts into their Doosan DNM 4500 vertical machining center. To further expand their productivity, the customer utilized vices capable of loading 8 parts at a time minimizing loading and unloading times and maximizing machining time. 
  • From 1 to 3 Cobots
    Customer took ownership of one cobot and immediately saw their throughput shift from 9 days to 4 days. Realizing the productive power of one cobot, the customer took ownership of two additional cobots.

About the Presenter

Jeff Lage is the President of Advanced Manufacturing Technology at Ellison Technologies based out of Los Angeles, CA. Jeff’s mission at Ellison is to evaluate, integrate and promote new and emerging technologies from around the world into Ellison Technologies and their U.S. market base. Jeff brings his passion for industry along with over 40 years of manufacturing experience from the job shop industry to Ellison. Jeff has a keen understanding of machining, lean manufacturing, operational excellence, supply chain management and managing a successful job shop with over 100 CNC machines and $80M in annual sales.

Want to Know More?

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