Robotic Automation Products

AutoViri utilizes state of the art robotic technology and advanced innovation to take mail processing to a new level.

Robotic Swing Boom Positioners are used for mounting a robot in any position, usually inverted, for several types of applications (welding, laser cladding, plasma cutting). The Robotic Swing Boom Positioner is perfectly suited for multi-stationed systems.

Tilt/Rotate tables are primarily used in welding applications and act as an axis for the robot. Because the table is created for multiple tasks, fewer workstations are required.

A Headstock/Tailstock unit with a robotic welder is the safest, most efficient method to rotate a part. It is designed for the accuracy and repeatability required for predictable results in Robotic Arc Welding Cells.

Indexing tables are primarily used when the robot is working on one part and an operator can be safely loading another part on the other side of the table.

Ellison Technologies Automation provides complete research and development for vision systems.

When you look at our line of grippers, you will see quality, reliability and precision. The gripper series covers the entire spectrum of work piece sizes. You will benefit from the easy commissioning, high payload, high gripping forces, and economical solutions.

While other robot suppliers rely on third-party companies for their vision solutions, FANUC Robotics has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral vision products. These products provide a level of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness unmatched by third-party solutions.