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Authority Machining Launches with the Support of Ellison and Doosan

In spite of recent uncertainties, new manufacturers and machine shops have emerged.

In June 2021, Bryce and wife, Becca Brethorst, founded and launched Authority Machining in Ramsey, MN with the support of Ellison Technologies and the reliability of Doosan Machine Tools America. At age 27 with an education and background in manufacturing, Bryce saw his future and success in starting his own machine shop. With a vision in mind, Bryce began planning with a determination to launch Authority Machining with a lathe from a builder that he was familiar with operating. That builder was not Doosan.

Enter Ellison

When Ellison Minnesota Vice President John Schwartz came to Bryce he was initially turned away since Bryce had set his sights on purchasing a machine from another builder. Determined to prove that Doosan offered a better value than the competition, John requested the opportunity to provide a proposal to show the value proposition of Doosan. Bryce agreed and came down to the Ellison showroom in Plymouth, MN for a demonstration. With the help from a local Doosan Shop and Ellison Customer, 401 Manufacturing opened their doors to give Bryce a look into the potential success and support he would receive working with Ellison Technologies. 401 Manufacturing has been a long-standing Doosan user with over 12 Doosan turning and machining centers currently being serviced and supported by the Ellison Minnesota team.

Choosing Doosan

After seeing the success that 401 Manufacturing achieved working with Ellison and Doosan, Bryce realized the opportunities that would come with choosing Doosan. 401 Manufacturing has succeeded from an abundance of work and had opportunities to source some of their work through other shops like Authority Machining.

“Meeting at 401 convinced us that there is significant work available, and with a Doosan we can jump right in making the same parts that they need to farm out, it was a no brainer after that.” – Bryce Brethorst, Founder, Authority Machining

While discussing the initial needs of Authority Machining, Bryce decided to purchase the Doosan Lynx 2100LSYB with a 20” turning length, 11.8” turning diameter, 4,500 rpm main spindle, 6,000 rpm sub-spindle, and Y-axis capabilities. The Lynx’s all-around performance, flexibility, and short lead-time made it the ideal machine to launch Authority Machining and immediately start making parts.

“We can see that the relationship [Ellison Technologies] has with 401 is excellent, mutually beneficial for both parties and that is what we are looking for.” – Bryce Brethorst

Training, Installation, and Support

With the new machine being delivered and prepped for installation, Bryce took advantage of the machine training provided by the Ellison Applications Team. Although Bryce was new to Doosan, training with Ellison Applications Engineer, Chase Orr, made switching to the Lynx 2100LSYB easy.

“Training with Chase was really good and made me feel comfortable with my decision to buy Doosan.” – Bryce Brethorst

From installation and training to service and support, Ellison Technologies’ OneSource Service Organization partners with their customers to support each other’s success.  At Ellison, our mission is to equip manufacturers with the tools to compete and win while providing solutions to help customers MAKE MORE parts, time, and money.

“Ellison & Doosan was easy to work with, we liked the team that we met at Ellison and felt comfortable that they will be there to support us.” – Bryce Brethorst

While unloading their first machine, Bryce asked, “Which machine do you think we should buy next?” If you are in the same mindset as Bryce, our team is ready to help you decide your next investment.